This “study” section is more a highlight or explanation of where the material came from, rather than making it a “study” per se.  Part of it is from a posting on Social Media and the other an Authored book, entitled:

“City On A Hill: Reclaiming The Biblical Pattern For The Church In The 21st Century”
by Philip Graham Ryken

While I’ve not read the book, the paragraph presented on-line sparked an interest in the chapter of the book entitled:

Missions Is A Way Of Life

The explanation of it follows. Please keep in mind, the following is NOT my writing or text, it merely served as a launching/spring-board for this Series.

Story Behind The Series

I read this today and thought it was good. Hope it encourages you!

“For the Christian, missions is a way of life. [Every Christian should] be a world Christian, and every church should do its part in reaching the world for Christ. In America today, this means helping to plant growing, vibrant, missions-minded churches. It means re-evangelizing dying congregations by proclaiming the gospel all over again. It means reaching out to internationals, and thereby taking spiritual advantage of the continuous surge in U.S. immigration (legal and otherwise). It means seizing every appropriate opportunity to speak about spiritual things with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members. Treating missions as a way of life also means penetrating society in culture-transforming ways. To say that every Christian is a missionary is not to say that [every Christian should] go into ‘full-time Christian work.’ Especially in these post-Christian times, America needs Christian lawyers and doctors, singers and dancers, builders and bakers, students and teachers, buyers and sellers, journalists and politicians. At every level of society and in every suitable occupation, Christians need to use their gifts in ways that honor God. The point here is not simply that Christians should witness on the job (although that is good to do whenever we have the chance), but that Christians should do their jobs in ways that allow God’s will to make a difference n the world. Effective Christian participation in social institutions helps to influence the culture for Christ… [Every Christian ought] to consider himself or herself as a missionary. Who is the missionary in your apartment building, at your workplace, in your class, or on your softball team? You are. Missions is not simply something that we support; it is who we are. If you’re a Christian, you’re a missionary. The only question is, How well are you doing your job? Whom are you loving, praying for, inviting to dinner, bringing to church? There is still a great deal of work to do – right here, right now, and all over the world, until Christ is preached to all nations.” From “City On A Hill: Reclaiming The Biblical Pattern For The Church In The 21st Century” by Philip Graham Ryken

Passages of Scripture

Not a single verse of Scripture was even eluded to in preparing the above explanation, at least for the immature/young Christian, where a more seasoned Christian would have Scripture galore coming to mind to consider when reading the challenge about Missions and Missionary lives.  It does discuss the differing World-Views in great detail, drilling to very specific focus areas which all of us would be better for reviewing, being challenged and ultimately changing.  A framework was developed from the summary, which is how this Series was ultimately divided and began to take shape.

Structure of Review

There are two distinct sections to the Series, containing the areas in which concepts were created, ideas were developed and eventually an entire Series as custom designed and built for Encouraging others.

Set One (No.1 – No. 16) | Every Christian Should…

1. Understand Missions Is A Way of Life
2. Be A World Missions Christian
3. Reach The World For Christ
4. Help Plant Growing, Vibrant, Missions-Minded Churches
5. Evangelize Dying Congregations
6. Proclaim The Gospel All Over Again
7. Reach Out To All Walks Of Life
8. Seize Appropriate Spiritual Opportunities With Everyone
9. Speak About Spiritual Things With Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers and Family
10. See The Opportunity To Be A Missionary
11. Penetrate Society in Culture-Transforming Ways
12. Treat Missions As A Way Of Life
13. Use Their Gifts In Ways That Honor God
14. Do Their Jobs In Ways That Allow God’s Will To Make A Difference
15. Encourage Effective Participation in Social Institutions
16. Witness To Influence Culture for Christ

Set Two (No. 17) | Who Is The Missionary…

1. In Your Neighborhood?
2. At Your Workplace?
3. In Your Classroom?
4. On Your Sports Team?

You Are.

Set Two (No. 18) | Are YOU A Christian?

1. If YOU Are A Christian,
2. You Are A Missionary.
3. Missions is NOT Something We Just Support.
4. It Is WHO We ARE!

Set Two (No. 19) | Whom Are You…

1. Loving,
2. Praying For,
3. Inviting To Dinner, and
4. Bringing To Church

Set Two (No. 20) | There is MUCH Work… To Be Done…

1. Right Here,
2. Right Now, and
3. All Over The World,
4. Until Christ is Preached To All Nations.

Christian’s Need • Christian’s Should • Christian’s Ought

The perspective in which this Series developed was NOTHING short of absolutely AMAZING!

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