Might I just want to issue this WARNING up front, this Series WILL pull you in – that is if you are awake – and loosen up your ball cap, if it is tight – or rather STIR you by way of the Holy Spirit.  Whichever order or combination, it is my prayerful hope that it will sink DEEP and PULL hard, for when you see what is being presented here from God’s Word – it’ll CHANGE you, that is… if you will LET the Holy Spirit do so.

NOW that the WARNING has been issued, it is my heartfelt desire that each person, who by whatever means happens across this will be challenged to see what is surely a MOST pointed lesson.  We’ve heard from SO many angles about Missions from every possible person,  but maybe from the Individual WHO gave us every instance from which we “see” them in actual action, with real people. The Crown of Thorns which Jesus Christ knew He would endure was the driver for His every action, interaction and example.


This Series is nothing even remotely similar to what it was thought in my mind that it would be or what it might become, which was not necessarily a preconceived notion on my part.  As with many Missions Conferences, Leadership Conferences, Ministry Emphasis programs and Soul Winning programs, those initial preconceptions can be shattered pretty quickly and effectively. In part, it becomes more real to us through the the actual “Missionary” who is presenting their work, what preparation they have made and the continued effort in which they strive to continue doing so, for their serving opportunity.  We as individuals get to “see” them, what the result of their Ministry actually is, and we get one REALLY big additional bonus: THE ACTUAL STORY.

If you will, each of us, put aside what we have always been told about Missions, the references made about how to do so, what the Disciples/Apostles did to propagate the Gospel… < Focus on that last Word, Gospel, it IS the Word of God. Something that became completely astonishing to me…  Have we somewhere in the “translation” forgotten that we HAD the GOSPEL right here WITH us?!?!?!  It is recorded for us, in HIS own WORDS, as to WHAT we are to be doing and He is the best Teacher, in ALL of Heaven and Creation.

8x10 Landscape

My discovery was utterly unspeakable, which didn’t dawn on me until the fourth or fifth design of the prints with various imagery ideas.  The print above utilizes four (4) separate passages of Scripture which allow for the building out of 4 steps in order to walk up them.  Those four words are SO worth it to be said from our lips, from our hearts, under Holy Spirit Conviction and meant from our aligning ourselves to the Bible. They are SO simple:

>> Loving • Praying • Inviting • Bringing <<

As Christians, we must realize (in a correct reverence), that as we seek to do those VERY things, we are going to have to BE CHRIST-LIKE in all areas of our lives. Jesus spoke of those EXACT things, being actually carried out by Him directly or placed in a real situation for us to not only ponder, but to consider, even to our own action presently. These steps can go either way – us walking down them, to put ourselves in a place of being a Servant to others as the Lord would have us, or walking up with someone, being the Servant lifting others up to our Heavenly Father. Nothing short of an AMAZING perspective that would not have been seen, as the scene, if it had not been for me being willing to put all of my notions aside, allowing the Holy Spirit to show me why the Crown of Thorns should mean something to us, from the one who Bore them for us.


There are sixteen (16) statements which were carved out of the original challenge on Missions for everyday Christians to consider.  The normal Scripture associated with Missions is taken from various places in the Bible, rightfully so, but this Series has a pivotal change in it, because of the Person who is examined for the example in making these considerations real in each of our daily lives.

Mission Considerations

Understand Missions Is A Way of Life
Be A World Missions Christian
Reach The World For Christ
Help Plant Growing, Vibrant, Missions-Minded Churches
Evangelize Dying Congregations
Proclaim The Gospel All Over Again
Reach Out To All Walks Of Life
Seize Appropriate Spiritual Opportunities With Everyone
Speak About Spiritual Things With Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers and Family
See The Opportunity To Be A Missionary
Penetrate Society in Culture-Transforming Ways
Treat Missions As A Way Of Life
Use Their Gifts In Ways That Honor God
Do Their Jobs In Ways That Allow God’s Will To Make A Difference
Encourage Effective Participation in Social Institutions
Witness To Influence Culture for Christ

The four supporting prints were designed first, with something missing, which didn’t become apparent until with my frustration, the research part of my mind got a reboot so to speak.  All of the information was SO wonderful and OBVIOUSLY powerful, but quickly that made me look at the information again.  Without even realizing it, everything that was being focused on was different, VERY different that the SO many things I’d been taught and come to expect with Missions oriented information and learning.  My focus spun immediately to the Person of the Mission, the One who we are pointing men, women, boys and girls to, from very walk of life, place of origin and background – Jesus Christ.  How could that have been missed? Even took a few minutes to go look at several sets of materials of recent conferences attended, ones listened to on-line and participation enhanced ones too.  Jesus spoke to people, directly of people, right where these people were in their lives… just as He expects us to do. Go to peoples homes, the fields, the merchants, by the side of the road, where they labour, whether rich or poor, in the valley, and on the mountain top – wherever souls may be found, telling them of the One, the ONLY ONE, Who could bear that Crown in their stead – Jesus.  Every Christian Should tell others about Jesus. Simple discovery really…

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