This addition to the Etiquette Series is over and above what is normally included on the sites for a Bible Study/Series for designs created – this one has the nature of building us, in the Word of God, if we will just allow ourselves to see “us” as God sees “us”.  I’ve had many requests to design a Series on the Fruit of the Spirit, which has been started, of which this one is a building block like unto it.  Like that concept, this set, as a Good Friend messaged me back when he saw the Series, carries the idea being put forth:

“If we did this “check list” each day it would straighten our path DURING the day.  Good thought.”

My challenge to myself, along with EVERY Christian Brother and Sister in the Lord, is not a “list” for list’s sake, but an ever present realization that this model could be applied to our lives in such a manner that we would HIDE the Word of God in our hearts, such that we’d NOT sin against HIM!!!

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”
Psalm 119:11 | King James Version

We need to be prepared!  Notice that EACH answer and recommendation comes from the BIBLE – that is PREPARING in shoe leather.

Getting Prepared

This could MOST definitely be a critical, every morning of my life, consideration for me.  Will OUR responses to these areas point others, even the most ardent disbelievers, to the One, True, Living God?  What we DO either confirms our Faith or detracts from the presentation of our Faith – there are no fence dwellers here.  Each item has a plain description in our vernacular how others might view each area.

Acceptable | What Will Others See This Action, Spoken Word, Way of Responding As?

Approved | Would Others Indicate With Certainty Our Living Out the Word of God in Our Lives?

Comprehend | Can Others See and Know The Love You Share With Them Is Genuine, Just As God’s Is For Each of Us?

Consideration | Does What We Are Doing Cause Others To Give Thought To the One We Serve, With No Doubt of Our Realization?

Excellent | Do Others Immediately Detect The Desire of Our Heart To Do Things Right From the Beginning?

Forgiving | Does Your Heart For The Lord Show Through To the People Around You No Matter Where We Are?

Guiding | Is It Apparent and Easily Detected Who We Are Taking Direction From Even In The Smallest Matters?

Honest | Are We Patient, Willing To Serve, Doing So With Absolutely No Malice, Nor Disdain?

Honoring | With What We Speak, Whether Others Are Able to Hear Us or Not, Are Our Words Kind and Uplifting?

Inspiration | Who Do We Tell Others Our Answer Has Come From?

Joyful | Will Others See In Us A Peace That Can Only Come About By Consistently Walking With the Heavenly Father?

Perspective | How Will Others See Our Take On Things That Happen Around Us and Our Response?

Preparation | Can Others Tell The Influence Which We Directly Reflect In Our Every Day Lives?

Respectful | Through Not Only Our Actions, But Also Our Attitudes, Will We Be That One Close Enough To Help?

Righteousness | Plain and Simple, Will Others See the Love of Jesus In Us Wherever We Find Ourselves?

Fifteen Items, incalculable ways to apply it as a Framework to our daily lives, such that others would be convinced, without doubt, that the Holy Spirit has residence inside of each of us!  Please don’t forget, the Series Scripture is how this list was developed – each and every day could yield a higher standard in each of our lives, should be be willing to apply them…

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