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The Fundamentals area presents you with information about the primary goal and principle of why The Encouragement Chronicles and sites from DeliverTheWord.com have been created. In essence, the focus of these Series and Tools is Encouragement which mimics the basis of Joy – from the Bible. In essence, DeliverTheWord.com and all that is developed around the site, is constructed in such a way that allows you to access various Series and Tools that have Encouraged countless others, which have a foundation rooted in Word of God!… Click here to learn more…

Merely “feeling” good is what the World wants you to believe, we as Christians know better, which makes the following statement ring true:

No Peace.  No Joy. Know Peace. Know Joy.

Pick me ups and self esteem “encourager” products are everywhere.  Pick up any magazine, visit any stores card section, surf various websites or blogs and you will be sure to see them chatting about being a “help” to someone. The big problem is that not all of those products agree on who the Ultimate Encourager is: Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Try going to ten (10) different pick-me-up Websites on-line to see what they define “encouragement” as being, and you’ll get ten (10) different answers.  Of course we realize that DeliverTheWord.com is not the only place to find, use and follow for Christian Ministry based sites on-line, but we do want to sure to keep God the Father at the VERY core of the operation, function and Encouragement engine, so He gets that Glory.

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