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An Interview
With Rising
Makeup Artist
Courtney Turner 



Make-Up Artist Courtney Turner talks with Bobbi Brown about getting started in the make-up field. (Photo: Moon Silver Studio)



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Starting at the young age of 13, up-and-coming make-up artist Courtney Turner has always had an eye for make-up detail. “I’ve always loved art for me, make-up is living art. My skin is my canvas, so I can paint whatever I want.” Knowing she didn’t fit into the regular job careers, Courtney branched out to the beauty community. “My parents were super supportive as I was growing up.  They believed in me when no one else did.  Then I got more involved in the beauty community, finding a whole new family!”

Bobbie Brown: How did everyone else react when you told them you wanted to become a make-up artist?

Courtney Turner: My parents, of course, were very supportive; but I did get a lot of criticism from my friends and a few family members.

How did you push past that?

I was hurt at first, but then realized that they were going to be people who wouldn’t understand. I just kept telling myself to press on, and never quit.

Who are your beauty icons?

Most people say Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor. Mine is my Great-Aunt Ercelle. She was truly a classy lady!

How do you describe beauty?

I truly believe you can find beauty in the little things.  Something as simple as a smile can be the most spectacular sight.  It really is in the eye of the beholder.  I really think confidence and a smile are the beautiful things anyone can wear, but a bit of lipstick never hurts.

Who were some of your favorite artists when you were growing up?

Well, first. YOU!  I loved reading your articles on Yahoo! Beauty.  My others are Sam and Nic Chapman and Wayne Goss.




“From the first day I knew I made the right choice in education.” says Turner (Photo: Instagram)

Thanks for the mention!  You’ve got great taste in make-up artists.  It’s nearing the end of our interview, so two last questions.  First, did you go to school specifically for make-up.

Not at first.  My first layer of education was given at Aveda Beauty Institute Chapel Hill. I loved being there!  Aveda is all about being good for the consumer, but also being good for the earth.  That was really important to me. Since graduation, I’ve gone to make-up specific classes to really bulk up on training and certifications.

I’ve heard of Aveda, sounds like a great place. Now, our last question – Do you have any advice for other artists?

Well, I’ll start with the truth… It’s going to be difficult sometimes, and there will be days you just want to give up.  But in the end, this is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done! Definitely keep pushing yourself.  Training from a school never hurt, but if you can’t go to a school, being an apprentice is very rewarding! Continue to be yourself, it will show in your creative work.  Never be afraid to go beyond the normal to create something truly unique.

Well, it has been a pleasure to talk with you Courtney, looking forward to the next time we get to catch up you.

Thank YOU so much!




“Take joy in the little things.” Says Turner (Photo: Instagram)




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I Have A Tagline

Sometimes we make an impact on others by “accident” it is supposed by some, but many of us “know better”.  Who can remember being told by a parent after committing some childish act of one kind or another — “you should have known better than that…”  Well, if we knew “better” some of us would not have committed the act, then again there are folks like me.

Some years ago, 10+ or so, at the bottom of my e-mail signature, novel, thought provoking & profound statements picked up here and there were added.  For work especially, the sig statements developed into a following of sorts as they were changed at the first of each month.  Since March 2008, a Scripture verse has been added.  Now both of them have become a staple and expected part of my e-mail communications with thousands of people who receive e-mail throughout the year.

The statement has been stable for five (5)+ years now and is a very profound statement, here it is:

The giant oak is just an acorn that held its ground. — Mark Gilroy

The Scripture reference comes from James chapter four (4), verse ten (10), which is presented in the following:

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. James 4:10 | King James Version

As has been countless times before, a phone call came from a woman named Sheryl needing an impossible favor, done yesterday, for a meeting she was WALKING in to – RIGHT THEN!  She was frantic to say the least and could not see how in the world such an insurmountable “task” could  be accomplished before she would be presenting to a conference room full of folks.

This challenge is one chosen to be a “race for the cause” – all the while not knowing she was full ready to resign from the committee assigned.  Fortunately all of what she needed was at my fingertips – each item identified explained and sent in sequence such that she could literally begin the presentation on-the-fly, she had not seen the material before…

After getting all of the necessary pieces compiled, documented in short form and in sequence sent to her, prepared a final e-mail telling her that any questions she might have or for anything else, to please contact me so that could be addressed without delay.  Remember those signature additions???  Not certain, Sheryl hadn’t made any comment before – but she saw them AND took note, literally!  In just a few replies, her words grew shorter and fewer – boiling down to these, after an e-mail telling her she was welcome:

I write only to say that your simple note below made my day — Sheryl

Over the course of the next day and a few e-mail exchanges with her and the council group who had gotten wind of how she had been helped, something even more amazing occurred… As time marched on, got a real prompting from the Holy Spirit to send Sheryl a photo/print via e-mail – thus it was so.  With only a note saying:

I hope this is the encouragement provoker it has been indicated it would be… William

Buckle down – this is where it can ONLY be the work of God Almighty!!!  The Lamb, an image that follows (and link):

The Lamb | Courtney Danielle Turner | May 30, 2012
Two Roads Site

It took a very few short period of time for a response to come back:

HOW in the world did you KNOW?! The flower is my favorite flower and COLOR – there is NO way you could have known! — Sheryl

My reply and continued e-mail exchange was simply Encouraging.  She was shocked that a Christian would take the time to assist her because all she had ever experienced was NOT Christian at all.

Sheryl even contacted the office where I work to tell them that while she was having one of the toughest times in her career, she was in amazement that someone she doesn’t even know would be so attune and open as a Christian.  Our office receptionist told her that she would be stunned to see and experience my office – which has over 100 prints on the walls which are an incredible display of both Scripture and botanical items on canvas, traditional printing and photographs.

There have been several other folks who have called and e-mailed because of the positive influence and Encouragement, wanting to know who is this person that is not afraid to share his Christianity.  Is God GOOD!?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  What better compliment could a person have?  An opportunity to Encourage… To Witness… To Share what Christ has done for me, through me and what can do through them  when they realize they need the Redeemer – all because Our Redeemer Liveth!!

For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth… Job 19:25 | King James Version

Who will need YOU today to see them, see their need of the Saviour and BE the Witness such that they KNOW that you LIVE for HIM???

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