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Ministry Introduction (r2)


The Encouragement Chronicles

Dear Fellow Believer,

There has never been a greater need for an effective, available means of Encouragement than there is today. That’s why I am particularly pleased to share with you that the Website DeliverTheWord.com has recently been brought on-line and is ready to be accessed by everyone who would wish to do so.

We all know that sites can come and go. While we are certainly excited to present this site to you, it is important to know that the people who this site represents have spent years preparing for the eventual debut you are witnessing just now.

This site was first developed in 2001 over which has gone through several periods of differing phases, which were building blocks for the site today. This final work has been purely a work of Encouragement fueled by prayer, fasting and biblical focus. There are a few individuals who know of the time, effort and utility this site represents, but the vast majority will have had little exposure.

Since we realize this will be new to many of you, it is important that an introduction be made. We are the Turner family of Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. My name is William, my wife is Melissa and our daughter is Courtney. We have been actively serving in the Ministry of our local church for over 10 years. The photography and design work is the product of our family. My wife and I are classically trained photographers, specifically in the areas of Zone 5 & 6 Photography heralded by Ansel Adams. The DeliverTheWord.com Website is maintained fully and personally funded by us and is the Encouragement Ministry of our family.

As we continue to serve the Lord through our local church and through the Ministry of Encouragement , we hope each of you will find our work to be one of value and use for your own Encouragement. Our goal in introducing this Website and in the most basic intent, a purely Christian tool, is to help you in the aid of how you will chose to Encourage others.

Would you join us in being an Encouragement to others? No doubt you have noticed that EVERY word that contains the slightest hint of Encourage in it is RED. If it were not for the Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – we’d have nothing to ENCOURAGE people with now would we?

We look forward to meeting the challenges and continuing to serve the Lord and Christian community with a truly unique and powerful Scripture based service! This leads to a request – to ask you to consider subscribing to The Encouragement Chronicles newsletter. To do so, click on “Sign Up For Newsletter” in the right hand navigation list on the Home page of DeliverTheWord.com.  Please feel free to share with whomever you will. There is NOTHING to order and certainly not anything to pay for. In the future we hope to make purchasing items available and high resolution photos available for download at a nominal fee.

Just think… There is a Series that has been made available for YOU to Encourage someone with – it’s FREE, it’s FAST, it’s SCRIPTURAL (KJV) and it’s RIGHT… Remember, that’s DeliverTheWord.com!

Because He Lives & Encourages Us,

William A. Turner

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