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Worthwhile Distinctives about The Encouragement Chronicles could be primarily summed up in the fact that this site is “Made for Christians” with a primary objective of having a Spiritual Focus of the Encouragement kind.

Creating and maintaining a Christian based Ministry on-line is inherently a work in process environment. And putting the most up-to-date designs, prints and Scriptural material into a Christian’s grasp on the Internet throughout all stages of the Encouragement process saves time, increases communication, and ultimately allows for sharing God’s Holy Word actively. Many people have already embraced the idea of using tablets and other mobile devices in their daily routines, to keep in touch on the go – which enables each of us more flexibility to reach them even more easily.

In doing so, a distinction is being established by thin on-line presence in the following areas:

  • Faith Based Encouragement | The Direction of the designs are God Honoring and Scripturally Sound
  • Promotion | Careful Consideration & Specific Tools are being Developed to Advertise
  • Enhancement | God’s Word Is Prominent In All Artwork, Designs and Series By Design
  • Utilization | Sharing The Word of God Is Done With A DeliverTheWord.com Site
  • Unique Formats | Each Series Has A Different Presentation Which Is Unique To The Design

These distinctives, along with more interest being kindled by those who share these ideas, and more responsive application of God’s Holy Word being applied to our own lives results in increased use and sharing.

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