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The Encouragement Chronicles is the on-line magazine (e-zine) publishing extension ministry of DeliverTheWord.com.  Experience Encouragements delivered in e-mail, prints & backgrounds with the coverage and blending the best of sharp photography and essential Scriptures both in print and on-line.

Having a delivery mechanism to give the shout out for Christians who want to Encourage others may at first appear to be something simple and basic…  It has proven to be more of a challenge than we expected, but one where the rewards FAR outweigh the costs! Each and Every design developed for DeliverTheWord.com is available for your use to help you Encourage others. Each Series contains images which feature sharp photographs set to King James Version Scripture quotes based on Biblical truth and many others which are Encouraging.


The Introduction of The Encouragement Chronicles is intended to Encourage each of us and motivate all who will adhere to the Word of God, to learn of how sharing the features, tools and capabilities of the DeliverTheWord.com toolset closed the gap of distance.  Click here to read more…


The Benefits provided by The Encouragement Chronicles is tied around a core and common conviction: we are to be BUILDING UP others, not TEARING DOWN — we have the opportunity to be a powerful Encourager through the tools of DeliverTheWord.com. Click here to read more…


Worthwhile Distinctives about The Encouragement Chronicles could be primarily summed up in the fact that this site is “Made for Christians” with a primary objective of having a Spiritual Focus of the Encouragement kind. Click here to read more…

Who Can Use

Providing the answer of Who Can Use the features of The Encouragement Chronicles is actually an easy one – EVERYONE.  Anyone can Encourage another individual who has access to a computer almost instantaneously to nearly any place in the world. Click here to read more…


DeliverTheWord.com is purely about being an “Encouragement” and delivering it “From God’s Holy Word” to and for positively everyone. It is the on-line portfolio and extension of an insatiable desire to study God’s Word of William A. Turner. It is a place where I post all kinds of work – may be a simple one print piece, specific encouragement developed for a friend, an incredible sermon outline as preached by our Pastor, challenges brought by one our our Pastoral Staff, or a fantastic concept seen elsewhere that needed to be re-engineered to more perfectly apply to God’s Word. Every concept, design, and print developed on this site is available for the purpose of Encouragement. Click here to go to site.

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