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Full and Complete Devotion


Full & Complete Devotion, With All Thine Heart through Power, Wisdom and Grace – that is what this Series is all about. With this statement comes a question which is one that is asked of myself for every design, presentation and print:

Would You Hang “This” In Your House?

Take just a moment to ponder that question in your mind… Would you and I as Christians be willing to place our Relationship with our Lord and God in a prominent place in such a manner that would allow others to gaze in to obtain a peek? Hope you realize something… We already do – it is shown by who we are trusting.

Complete Trust

Where each of us place our Trust can be seen by even the most distant person we can think of, and most often is easily known by those that are close to us. For instance, an item that we choose to hang in our homes in prominent locations – those that live in that house most likely have a VERY intimate knowledge of whether it is applicable or is merely a decoration placed in that location to suggest something to be the case.

There is a Person that knows us better than we do ourselves, the Person of the Holy Spirit, for as Christians we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. We cannot get to a place low enough, high enough or far enough away that He doesn’t know us intimately and completely. This Series is about understanding that Trust through His Power, His Wisdom and His Grace, can be Full and Complete.

For each and every passage presented gives us an insight as to how His Word both Prompts and Encourages us as Believers to follow as our Devotion grows stronger towards Him.


The Complete Trust through Wisdom actually contains the EXACT same verses (Proverbs 3:5-6) that have been used for our daughter’s Baccalaureate and Graduation Commencement Exercises from High School. Interestingly enough, this Series was started at the beginning of those events, which has made it even more special to me for listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to engage them in this Series.


This Series contains a total of forty-two (42) passages of Scripture in building an INCREDIBLE set of reminders for the Christian as to how Power, Wisdom and Grace come from our Heavenly Father, shown to us through His Word for all to be able to comprehend.


Power | Witness, Of God, of Holy Ghost, Preaching, of Christ, Living, of His Resurrection, Delivered, His Spirit & Dominion
Wisdom | Depth, Holy Ghost, Not Fleshly, His Spirit, His Will, to Walk, To Ask, in Meekness & Purity
Grace | Glory of God, Abound, Salvation, Singing, Exceeding Abundant, In Time and Need, Humble, Manifold, All, Multiplied & With You

Where would we be, if we’d just be honest with ourselves and with our God, today if we as Christians refused to show others a changed life in Christ, as if God didn’t give His MOST precious Son to be the sacrifice for our sins? Take a moment to think about that statement… Unfortunately, that type of behavior and attitude can and does happen to/thru Christians like you and me EVERY single day. What we say, or refrain from saying, could very easily be compared to whether or not we would hang ANY of the prints from this Series in our homes, places of work or in a location where people there know us. We each choose to allow the Holy Spirit to show through us each moment that we live on purpose, or we choose not to allow Him to be seen. I personally challenge you go through each image in this Series, asking yourself whether or not you would put each one in a place of prominence wherever you are, such that others would see it and might ask you a question about it. What type of Devotion do we each have to Him, not just towards Him?

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Jesus Saves

It may appear that Salvation is in the cross-hairs of my vision scope – if you have thought that, then you are on the same track with me, for it is because I am! As we are preparing to and are counting down the final days of our daughter’s Senior year in high school, it has been ever on my mind. What if we’d never put her in a Christian school who was there to come along side of us to train our child in the way she should go? Would we so easily be singing the Hymn which this Series got the kick start with, Jesus Saves? Salvation is the most important thing we can help lead our children toward, for it makes the difference in how they eventually spend Eternity.

Just what does Salvation mean to you? When you and I think about Salvation, what is it that comes to our minds? Only our own experience? Working with young children, especially inner city-kids and those that have the least exposure to church, will present you with a challenge which, for a teacher, is unforgettable. I liken it to the children’s game, 1-2-3 Red Light, they are always interested, but come forward at different rates, with different experiences and show those in ways that must be picked up on – literally on the fly.

1-2-3 Red Light | Statues
The game is simple to understand and put into practice. The person who leads is “It” or the “Curator” – they call the shots, like a teacher. All of the remaining players are the “Players” or “Statues” who start off all on the same line, at a distance from the “Curator”, as in the students of a Sunday School class. The person who is “It/Curator”, turns around facing away from the “Players” (like to the white board), and counts… 1… 2… 3… Red Light! While that person is turned around, the “Players” move toward the “It/Curator” as quickly and quietly as possible. If a person is not “still” when the “It/Curator” turns around, that “Player” goes back to the line, starting over on the next counting. The “It” or “Curator” could also say: 1… 2… 3… Green Light, which meant the “Players” could keep moving. The Yellow Light call meant they had to walk, instead of run. Eventually, a “Player” will take the “It/Curator” place when they can tag them before they say “Red Light”. The “Player” then becomes the “It/Curator” and the game resets, beginning all over again.

As in the game, the rates of each child getting a solid foundation of Who God the Father is, can be thought of as the rate of how quickly they move towards “It” or the “Curator” who is the one calling the numbers “1… 2… 3… RED LIGHT” and turning around to see who didn’t freeze. Each child will approach at a different rate, with different questions and be in differing states of Conviction. If the child doesn’t understand quite what they are doing, then they reset, if you will, going back to the foundation to start building again. The “Players” will be inconsistent in attendance (unfortunately), due to environment, social dynamics and home situations. Sometimes those kids get reset due to those challenges, which is what makes teaching those children more difficult, and thus all the more rewarding in seeing them Trust the Lord for their Salvation.

There is one change in the game that is a “Game Changer” and “Rule Buster” – the teacher WANTS the “Players” to get to him! We should want all individuals to get to the Ultimate Curator – the Lord Jesus Christ, no matter who they are, where they come from, how they got there, when they began or what they’ve done! The Holy Spirit does the Convicting, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to do so – we are to be guides, FAITHFUL ones to give the Knowledge out. Little can compare to the thrill, humbling and blessing that is received knowing that when one thinks about Salvation, a floodgate of souls come to mind that the Lord has allowed you and I to influence, lead and see become Children of the King, through their acceptance of Christ as their Saviour!

Jesus is our Salvation. PERIOD. He is the Reason we can be Saved. PERIOD. But, WHAT do you know about Salvation? Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves! Now, take a look at what Salvation IS…

Salvation In A Nutshell
Knowledge of Salvation | See the Salvation | Salvation in None Other
Salvation to Every One | Now is Our Salvation | Afflicted for Salvation
Day of Salvation | Gospel of Your Salvation | Turn to My Salvation
Hope of Salvation | Grace That Bringeth Salvation | So Great Salvation
Captain of Their Salvation | Look For Him Unto Salvation | Faith Unto Salvation
Salvation of Your Souls | Great Voice Saying Salvation

This Series is an active part of my life, not a past remembrance of it – one of the reasons these Series are developed. We as Christians need to ask ourselves how active is Salvation to us? The Hymn Jesus Saves is an INCREDIBLE reminder to us of how the Gospel needs to be shared. If you haven’t looked at it lately or may not have ever seen it, read the words. Everything and everywhere are we to be sharing the Good News that Jesus Saves. The seventeen (17) passages of Scripture given that Speak directly (notice the word SPEAK, it is God Who is Speaking) about Salvation, the action of the gift of being Saved. How many come to your mind – people that you and I have shared the Gospel with? There will be tears of sadness, some of gladness, but those are a WHOLE lot better than regret-fulness… Share with someone today that Jesus Saves, as if it were your last opportunity to do so – the rewards are Eternal and the gains are Heavenly – all of which end in VICTORY!!!

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“And the messenger that went to call Micaiah spake to him, saying, Behold, the words of the prophets declare good to the king with one assent; let thy word therefore, I pray thee, be like one of theirs, and speak thou good. And Micaiah said, As the LORD liveth, even what my God saith, that will I speak.”
II Chronicles 18:12-13 | King James Version
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Would YOU?


This Series began from a Facebook post – any surprise – those regular to this Series will know it to be not at all. The subject of Salvation is paramount to what DeliverTheWord.com stands for and is set to do – be a witnessing tool and Encouragement to those who will be impacted by it – around the globe. Our lives are to point to our Saviour, Heavenly Father and our Faith as we go about even our most routine tasks. Right here is where I am going to lose a few folks – we NEED to realize that EVERYTHING we DO is being watched by at least two Somebody’s.

There is NO such thing as having a “time-out” in a Christian’s life economy, because God the Father doesn’t have a “time out” level He puts in His Economy. Our Lord and Saviour didn’t clap His hands together or form a sideways “T”, then yell “TIME-OUT” when it came to Calvary. Each of us as Christians have a life to live that is honoring to our Creator, Sustainer and Saviour – which doesn’t change because a person works for the telephone company, a mechanics shop, a retailer, a security company, an attorneys office or a sales oriented workforce.

REMEMBER: Our lives count, our actions count, our words have impact, how we handle situations matter, our affections can be just the thing that another person needs to see, here and know the impact of on others – desperately.

POWER | In the Blood

At the risk of just stating the obvious, life for human beings, as well as majority of God’s Living Creation, blood is a required to sustain life. Blood is the life continuing mechanism which allows the body to function correctly and efficiently. Most of us understand that sacrifices were required before Jesus came to be the Saviour of the world, where blood was required in a very specific manner to be shed for remission of sin. The final Sacrifice required the Blood of the Son of God, Jesus Christ – there is where the REAL Power lies.

The Resurrection Power was possible because of the Power in the Blood of Christ, which was the purchase price of Salvation of all mankind – to us, it translates to the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.


Am Encouraging each person who reads this to take a look at the words of the Hymn: There Is Power in the Blood. The first verse follows:

Would you be free from the burden of sin?
There’s pow’r in the blood, pow’r in the blood;
Would you o’er evil a victory win?
There’s wonderful pow’r in the blood.

This entire Series is based upon the Bible Truths presented in that Hymn with full support from the Scriptures.


There are a total of twenty-four (24) prints in this Series, of which seventeen (17) prints were developed from the Hymn which it is based: There Is Power in the Blood, by Lewis E. Jones in 1899. What a precious gift we have been given, the Gift of Salvation!

SALVATION | Power of the Blood

Salvation gives us the Freedom from the Law of Sin and Death
Salvation lifts the Burden of Sin from Our Lives, if We Confess Them
Salvation provides the Way to Overcome Evil with Good
Salvation grants us the Victory Win, both Now and in the End
Salvation changes the Passions of Men unto the Living God
Salvation makes the Pride of Life Less Attractive
Salvation prepares Us for an opportunity to Fully Confess
Salvation answers what Christ Did for Us on the Cross of Calvary
Salvation allows Every Christian Access to His Wonderful Power
Salvation creates a Purity in Us Absent of Scarlet, Seen White
Salvation washes Our Sins to be as White as Snow
Salvation reminds me that My Stains are Lost
Salvation shows me a Life Giving Flow of Life from Jesus
Salvation is shown through Others Lives as We Do Service Unto Him
Salvation keeps Reminding you that Jesus is Your King
Salvation should be Proven in How We Live Daily
Salvation made Known should be Shown in the Praises We Sing

What is it that Salvation gives you and I? The list, which looks like quite a bit, is just barely scratching the surface of what Salvation gives each of us on a daily basis. There is something of the most high importance to be considered, which is this: “Others will base what they think Salvation is, solely on how they see you and I live our lives.” Are others seeing the benefits of Salvation being lived out in our lives? Or, are they getting mixed signals because we are different in representation based upon where we are at any particular moment. We should be about our daily lives as if Jesus were right there beside us – oh wait, He ALREADY is for the Christian! We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Let each of us start with the list above today – seeing how many of them apply to us and which of them others can see.

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Be Creative In God’s Will


This Series concept just “popped up” out of nowhere… In the most “unlikely” of places, the “wordle” grabbed my attention on the cover on a journal, not because it had “bad” things on it, but rather the focus of what was being presented in the “sheet wordle” on the front and back covers. More people than before have a tendency these days to have items “represent” them and remind them to be “good” people. Without really taking the time to understand what is behind it, the tendency to be “represented” may be put forth – having NO idea what it really means.

The focus or tendency on self can get us as Christians in a whole HEAP of trouble, even if we don’t utter a single word, because what we could be carrying around is speaking for us. Do we have a justification or understanding of what we are casually keeping at arms length as to explain to someone who may ask? That is what gripped me in the rewording and reworking of the “wordle” for both sides of the the journal.

Be Creative

We as Christians need to remember that we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost, 365 days of the year, 7 days a week, 24 hours every day. That does not mean that we are to be so straight laced that we put off folks, it is possible to be too right < a Series on this already exists… What is being gotten at is that we have no place to go to be “secular” and be just “spiritual” when we read our Bibles, pray and go to church. The question then would have to asked, “What if God said Salvation was only good or valid during those times you are being “spiritual” and NO good all the other times in our lives?” Am fairly certain that Jesus had to have laughed and shook His head a few times with Peter around – He is the Spirit.

The “wordle” in sheet form (what it looks like) gave the opportunity to “Be Creative”, which is what the journal had on the bottom or each page. Notice further tho, that is made to be represented by being “in God’s Will” while doing so. The “wordle” takes a minute to get one’s bearings straight, but once it is accomplished – you may wind up with the same challenge I’m having… You may wind up wanting to share what has been learned behind that words – from the Bible.


It has been nothing shy of amazing how each piece of the “wordle” came together with tweaks to make it biblical friendly and something that Christians can use to witness to others as they are intrigued by the design. At first, the multicolored kaleidoscope background was thought to be too engaging for my tastes, but the Holy Spirit challenged me to make it work. The reward is simply priceless.


There are seventeen (17) Scripture based prints and two (2) “wordle” prints available in this Series. They are made for individual, standing artwork, but may be combined for a greater affect.

“Wordle” Shorts

Wordle — Left Side
Good People | Future Today | Be Kind | Make Count | Seek Lord
Explore Follow | Take Need | Laugh

Wordle — Right Side
Be Grateful | Keep Promises | Worth Jesus | Laugh Loud | Be Happy
Holy Spirit | Just Breathe | Be Sober | Love God

This Series challenged me both inward and outward, reminding me that Living for Jesus does NOT have to be boring, mundane or a killjoy. Rather, every Christian has two decisions to make with every moment of their lives – (1) How will this situation/moment affect me internally, as in the Relationship I’ve got with my Saviour and (2) What will be chosen from this situation/moment to be shown to the entire world, because of having Full Faith that our God is bigger than any of our challenges. We can choose to live life with continual purpose, in God’s Will, which will be revealed to us through His Word, the Bible, and through the Holy Spirit, which resides in EVERY Christian. Each one of the statements in the two “wordle” sheets show us just a few ways we can accomplish that in our daily lives and just might get someone to ask us what they mean. Let the sharing begin… EVERY word, action, deed, challenge and response are a WITNESS of the Holy Spirit being evident in our lives. Make them count, for Eternity sake…

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