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Who Am I?


This Series is one where a whole different focus is placed on just who we are as Christians from a Bible perspective. Part of the focus is what we are able to do because we are each as Christians, God’s Child. Another, is what we are because of Who God is. Yet another, is what God is to us because of what He has already done for each of us. We get to boldly proclaim all of these things, but there is something we have to be… identified with Him.


This Series is NOTHING short of amazing, full of promises and provides for every Christian a display of Hope, Promise and Living Testimony of the Goodness the Lord Provides for each of His own. The statements that begin with “I can…” are so, why? Because Christ did them first, we have the opportunity to do as He has shown each of us to do – learn by example, the very BEST teacher. Each of the other statements, e.g. “I am…”, “I have…”, etc. follow the same pattern, we can do those things as born again Believers because we are shown how to do so by the Master Teacher, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


The challenge of identification is actually within each of us, the Holy Spirit will prompt them in each of us. Just as no one had to teach us as children how to lie, once we are Saved and on our way to Heaven, the Holy Spirit provides an “unseen” hand that has more far reaching impact that we can even begin to comprehend. It is what allows for us as Believers to unlock the Truths of the Bible, the translation key of sorts it could be called. Without Him, the Word remains a mystery.


This Series is an uplifting set of Scripture, intended to be a Celebration of who we are and who God will help us be if we will just allow Him. There are thirty-seven (37) prints to remind us of of a small subset of all the good things He has for us in His vast Word that we have the opportunity to hold in our hands, hide in our hearts and have upon our lips as often as we will.

Who Am I ? | Words to Make Into Statements

Faithful, Friend, Member, Established, Anointed, Sealed, Confident
Spirit of Power, Love & Discipline, Grace, Forgiven, Purpose, Hope
Chosen, Workmanship, Peace, Dwelling of Holy Spirit, God’s Power
Freedom & Confidence, Humble, Gentle, Patience, Lovingly Tolerant
Forgiving, Thankful, Dead to Sin, Not Alone, Prayed For, United, Blameless
Set Free, More than a Conqueror, Safe, Part of Kingdom, Not Condemned
Not Helpless, Protected, New Creation, Delivered, Victorious

Who will you and I choose to be today? It is more important today than we may realize and far more impacting for Eternal things than we may have considered. We live in a day where folks look to society to see what they need to be “like”, who they need to “mimic” and what they think they should be “doing” in their own lives and those in their care. There in holds the challenge that we face today, in many ways unlike any other time in history… We have the means to tell the world about our Magnificent Saviour, but we find it difficult to deliver that message to our next door neighbor in many cases. Worse than even that, He isn’t even talked about in own homes like He should be – how can He be, if He isn’t invited. Choose this day to know “Who” you are Christian – there are folks in this wicked world who NEED us to show them JESUS – from within, from above, to them personally – so they can know all of these things and SO much more!

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Ways to Love


This Series is actually the second run at a list of ten (10) Ways to Love, with the original being called “Ten Ways To Love” designed a few years back. It seemed very important for me to revisit the principles and passages of Scripture again with a fresh look and a different perspective. The manner in which they are different has to do with recent events in my own life and the lives of folks whom I’ve been around for many years. A struggle has developed which necessitated another run at this set of Scripture with a few items added and the Scripture used to be expanded a tad – have to admit, it surprised me… The presentation of the Scripture has a different meaning at this stage and season than it did when the first one was completed.

How to Find the Ways

Amazing how God can use the EXACT same Scripture from the very Instruction Book He gave to us, to change us as individuals even years later – but it be the SAME Word. He hasn’t changed. His Word hasn’t changed. Indeed it is US who change – which is a GOOD thing. As some have said, “we can never have too much of a good thing” – well, maybe not some good things, but the Bible is NOT one of them.

This Series has four (4) verses from Proverbs and the remaining six (6) are from the New Testament. They deal with everyday things for the Christian and non-Christian alike. Those items include: promising, answering, listening, giving, trusting, sharing, enjoying, praying, forgiving and speaking. Oops, there was one in there that non-Christians may not do – that was “Praying” – it is the ONE thing that changes EVERYTHING!

Each of the other items will hinge on that eighth one, praying without ceasing. I know for me that when something gets tough, things get rough, people get a tad bit out of control, things are said that shouldn’t be and responses are thought of that shouldn’t be – it is the ONLY equalizer. That very challenge happened to me today over an issue that should have never occurred – it is NOT something that I was involved in or present to answer for, but it was squarely about me, as my name was used. Just looked at the computer screen to see ten (10) items in front of me, with number eight (8) in the most plain manner being brought into focus. Actually those final three go hand in hand with each other: pray, forgive and speak. What was said about me was incorrect, inflammatory in nature and done so in an attempt to discredit.


My response, after the Holy Spirit locked into speaking to me, was simply to ask God the Father for wisdom as to what should be said, if anything at all and to forgive me for flashing in my head what I “wanted to say” to those persons – which would have solved NOTHING. Take a look at number nine – it is the “there is no wisdom in the second kick of a mule” gotcha that should clamp down on our hearts, right before we go to do something we have only thought of in our minds before that point. Then, as if we needed any “more” assistance as humans in our own skin, the bell rings with number ten – speak WITHOUT accusing. Just HOW is a Christian going to do that when someone has told a heap of lies, continues to do so, paints you to be the devil… Well, that part is EASY, go back to number eight – PRAY without CEASING. These are indeed showing us WAYS TO LOVE.

Prescription: keep repeating actions one through ten, over and over, again and again… YOU and I will be the one’s who change – not the Word – it is PERFECT the way it is, God is already perfect.


This list of ten (10) Ways to Love is MUCH harder to practice than they are to just read.

The Ways

Promise without Forgetting
Answer without Arguing
Listen without Interrupting
Give without Sparing
Trust without Wavering
Share without Pretending
Enjoy without Complaint
Pray without Ceasing
Forgive without Punishing
Speak without Accusing

The Ways to Love others truly should be a precious, practiced and well protected daily practice in the life of a Christian. Is it difficult at times? Yes. Is it impossible? No. Is it worth it? YES IT IS! If we will just be honest with ourselves, to others and to God, the Master Creator, we will find that we are flawed, but it is possible, with the Master’s Hands to practice the Ways to Love every day of our lives. Even in those days of trial, turmoil and seemingly endless misunderstandings because of miscommunication – or the lack thereof completely – we have the Master’s Book, the Bible, to reference and ten (10) passages to rely upon to change us into what God the Father wants us each to be – in spite of those circumstances and difficulties. It may be hard at times, but it is worth it all.

Ways to Love | http://delivertheword.com/waystolove
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In These Moments


So many people call themselves New Testament Christians, which has always puzzled me a bit – or should it be said, a little more than What? Do YOU consider yourself a “New Testament” Christian? There are some 50 plus passages of Scripture utilized in this Series, which is a whopper, that are SOLIDLY referenced from the Old Testament. One thousand, seventy (1,070) verses later, only 9 passages were from the NT. Once reading through these, provided me with a RICH heritage foundation in which to pattern my way of thinking and heart’s cry. At any moment, just in an instant, we can have our Faith shaken a bit – this Series shows us from God’ Holy Word what to do “In These Moments”.

Moments | Seeing Them

This Series is as much for me as they would be for anyone, especially for the past few days when it seems the world has been flipping upside down, then rolling over on the side and back over upright again. In the moment, any moment of our lives really, we have choices to make… The logo for this Series helps illustrate that concept. Looking at the “In These Moments” and the bottom of it, one will find a sentence builder, as in the following: We “Praise” God, We “Seek” God, We “Worship” God, etc. For each “moment” we face, there are choices to make, these five would be a place to hone in on for certain in our individual Christian lives.

The reason the New Testament “designation” being mentioned before is because of some interesting responses to some challenging bits from folks, with one person using that line in a conversation with me. My response to them was that we cannot discount the Old Testament for not only does it have historical facts, but foretold so much of what would happen in the New Testament – not just concerning about being under the law. This Series was the “proof” that was needed in my own mind to “find” such a trove of incredible direction from a section of the Bible in which I love to study personally.


The opening print is indeed from the New Testament. It is a Promise that must be recalled to my mind as there have been some tough words to hear and be exchanged, where there was no control of mine to prevent them from being said or told. No matter how much it is even tried to “correct” the incorrect, or share the “rest” of the story, those words have fallen on deaf ears – ones that did not want to hear or just simply will not even consider them. I will choose to take the High Road, even when it hurts unspeakably. In These Moments, I will have to Trust God…


This Series is built upon five (5) thoughts, which actually branched out into 56 items. Each of the five Moments have ten (10) individual passages of Scripture and focal points.

Moments Listing

Happy Moments –> Praise God
Difficult Moments –> Seek God
Quiet Moments –> Worship God
Painful Moments –> Trust God
Every Moment –> Thank God

There are a LOT of these – but so are there things in our lives which happen on a daily basis! This Series is a reminder that God’s Word holds the keys He intended us to use as we go through each and every day. We can be certain that with each Moment we experience as Christians, the Holy Spirit will be right there to remind us at each of those Moments, how much our Heavenly Father loved us by being willing to give His Son so we could have these moments to depend on Him!

In These Moments | http://delivertheword.com/inthesemoments
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I Only Know


This Series of thirteen (13) images has been developed for a fellow co-laborer we’ve known as a family for many years now, for which up to this point she has NO clue it is done. Her words shared via a Social site were very touching, for which all that know her know, they are serious. Was immediately impressed upon by the Holy Spirit to finish up the Series that was being finalized and put on hold the next Series under development, so this one would be my available attention. God the Father knew I’d need the coaxing to do so.

God Knows

Indeed, He does, He knows our EVERY need. Most likely, if a person has been a Christian any length of time, this VERY familiar verse can be recalled:

That God Knows Our Needs
Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
Matthew 6:31-32 | King James Version

The statements, taken in order, make up the statements made in that same order. It appeared that the order was purposeful, so that trail was followed, making application of Bible verses as the study yielded them.


Sometimes we can place ourselves in places where we are expected as Christians to stand up, then seek God’s Face in His Throne Room. Even then, we need that Encouragement from His Word and how it permeates our lives so others can clearly see Who has possession of us clearly. Indeed, our Heavenly Father knows our every need, with which in His timing and our obedience, those needs will be supplied.


The listing of words that follow were taken from the sentences of “I only know…” which became the searching focus to locate passages of Scripture, making this Series one that will touch all of our lives. The listing of sentences can be found on top the Series page, in the same order as they are presented here.

What Words To Know

Knows, Love, Good, Together, Knowledge, Seest
Possible, Whole, Hands, Infinite, Perfect
Obey, Provide

What an incredible and overwhelmingly Encouraging this Series has become… The Word of God will do just that, that is if we as Christians will allow it to be. Indeed, we can easily see that our every need will be supplied and our lives will be satisfied by the One who has the (A)bility, (A)uthority and (A)bleness to do so. The Bible is better than any triple letter help group and gives us a triple-A program (AAA) that we can lean upon which changes the very being, not just a habit. Here’s to you my Dear Friend, may the impasse you are experiencing be illuminated by God’s Word, as we are Encouraged by His Handiwork in our own lives!

I Only Know | http://delivertheword.com/ionlyknow
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He Is My God


This Series of Encouragement began when a print was observed, from a distance, it looked right. Upon drawing close, the wording drew my attention. They are “just subtle” changes to the Bible passages presented, or are they? Would you and I say that the word “praise” and “habitation” were the same word, thus sharing a similar nature in answer? Just like the difference in those words, within the realm of their meanings, when someone says “I know God” or “I believe in God” we may not be able to distinguish what they are actually saying.

Ownership | Making The Claim

When saying that the God of All Creation is “My God”, the individual making the proclamation is boldly making an identification, a willingness is supposed, to do what is in God’s Eyes Right, Just, and without chaos. The case in point for this initial Theme image for the Series is tied to two words (three sets of words actually) which should be used in conjunction with each other to convey the Truth, which in the end will set all of us free from the tyranny of sin, hate and the lack of dependence on the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We need to boldly proclaim that He Is My God – but it would be good for us to understand how we can make that declaration, have some starting points and develop and understanding of how we can even make such a claim. These fourteen (14) passages in this Series set out to do just that. It is imperative that we understand that Jesus Christ is the desperate Salvation the peoples of the world need. We need to remember that it is the Word of God they need to hear, not our paraphrase of it. Stand True to the Word such that as it goes beyond us, that it will not return void because of changes we’ve been trying to make.


The initial verse, Exodus 15:2 | KJV, contains a two piece puzzle presented to the reader – Salvation and Habitation (dwelling place within a person). Keep in mind this is found in the Old Testament – they are looking for the coming of Jesus for the first time, in the future.

The LORD is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father’s God, and I will exalt him.
Exodus 15:2 | King James Version

We make that re-preparation daily as Christians when we go to God the Father in prayer, that in a sense we ask for power – but Salvation is instant, not a work over time. We have to help others get pointed, start seeking, be led to the place where they realize just who they are and Who God Is – it is preparation like this that makes verses like these SO VERY SPECIAL.


The list following is broken down into three (3) distinct areas, the theme, seeking and then thanks & trusting, which is shown through this Series in fourteen (14) overall prints.

Sharing | Theme & Calling

Theme | He Is My God
Seeking Him | Savest Me, Maketh My Way, I Seek Thee, I Trust, Salvation & My Strength
Thanks & Trusting | Yet Have Believed, Spoken Of, Grace, Remembrance, Shall Supply, Without Ceasing & Given Me

An amazing study of God’s Word, yielding just what was needed to make a straight forward Series. A proclamation is made, “He Is My God”, then Scripture is used to show how people in the Bible knew it to be the case. The Old Testament foretold and the New Testament beholds, the sinless Lamb of God – our Way, our Salvation, our Supply. How can we NOT tell others about this (A)mazing Book, the (I)ncredible Author, the (M)ost Worthy Sacrifice? We should AIM to tell everyone we know about Him.

He Is My God | http://delivertheword.com/heismygod
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Have You Prayed About It?


How many times have we gone down the road of life a little ways, experiencing a challenge, problem or trouble, all the while trying to figure it out and solve it all on our own? If we’d be honest, as I am being with you right now, we’d have to raise both hands – not just one – at the recall of some of those things. As Christians we have God’s Word, the very Essence of what He wants us to have in the form of the Book of Knowledge, yet at times we wait until the last moment before picking it up or considering the Author as our Lifeline.

In running across some concepts and material ideas, a statement which had more than the single part used here, grabbed my attention – Have You Prayed About It… Every Christian realizes the Power in prayer in at least some basic form and fashion, for we would not have Salvation individually if it were not for prayer. Is it possible to gain some wisdom about prayer by digging into the Scriptures? Certainly is and we most definitely will be influenced and changed by what we find. Question is this: Will we do that very thing now?

Have We?

We have the most powerful tool in existence, known or unknown – the Power in and of Prayer. I’m afraid we too often don’t know how to pray and even maybe worse than that, we don’t understand how to become better Prayers. What makes this Series so Encouraging to me is that we are able to see from the pages of the very Scripture we learned about Salvation the Promises He makes, as well as the things we can do which will Enrich us by directly applying what others have given example of for us to do so. We can find REAL people, who were in REAL places, with REAL needs, where they needed the REAL Jehovah GOD to step into that moment of their lives UTTERLY.


In these passages of Scripture: we will find Jesus speaking AND praying to God the Father; we can hear Hannah’s heart cry as she rejoiced in her salvation from the one who gave it to her – God; we have the opportunity to ache along with Nehemiah as he knew Who needed to be petitioned well before the king did; we can clearly see how Daniel lived his life and Who he stayed close to and clung to for his very life; we have the opportunity to understand the Power and the Source with which Paul, John and Barnabas changed the world for the cause of Christ; we are given a view into a choice man’s heart, that being Cornelius who would do the unthinkable in men’s eyes – sharing the Love of God with all who would listen; and we can see that a motion was made to change where Paul was, to kneel before God the Father, to humbly ask of Him Safety and Protection for them and others.


All of those things just mentioned are indeed contained in these passages of Scripture – this listing is MUCH more revealing than what some may just see if they happen upon it. There are eight (8) ways, promises, approaches and desires contained in them, which will, not just can, change our lives — if we will just allow God to use them to do so.

Prayed About Listing

Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask
Rejoice In Thy Salvation
Before The God Of Heaven
Unto The LORD My God
More Earnestly
Filled With The Holy Ghost
One That Feared God
Kneeled Down

What may at first seem a short-list, is much more than that for certain. This Series contains the very Word of God that can change the very way we think about Praying, which is how we talk to our Heavenly Father – God Himself. It is a communication like no other – the method is different, the channel is different, the process is different – our Prayer can reach into the very Throne Room of Heaven, being presented unto the Feet of God Almighty Himself. Unfortunately, I’ve found so few people who realize this VERY profound TRUTH. The Lord gives us REAL people in His Word, the Bible – the History Book of the Ages, so we might identify with them, recognizing that He Can and Will use us in like fashion. If we would just see the example which they have so richly provided for us in the Ultimate How To Book – the Bible – it would change our lives, our families, our churches, our communities… it would change people – God Loves ALL People – and wishes to hear from us, each and every one of us.

Have You Prayed About It? | http://delivertheword.com/haveyouprayedaboutit
Flickr | https://www.flickr.com/photos/98308216@N06/sets/72157645962504218
e-Courage Tutorial | http://delivertheword.com/how-to-use-e-courage

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His Grace


This Series has been “completed” for some time now, as far as the research has been concerned. The difficulty with the use of the word Grace is in the consideration of the delivery, it must be considered in light of the Person – the Person of Christ. Ultimately we must recognize that we can know this Grace, for the free unmerited love and favor of God, because the Father was willing to accept the Son such that we could be accepted by Him.

His Grace

It is worth the note to state that only one (1) of the verses of Scripture for this Series is from the Old Testament, Psalm 22:11 | KJV:

“He that loveth pureness of heart, for the grace of his lips the king shall be his friend.”
Proverbs 22:11 | King James Version

The remaining ten (10) passages of Scripture are from the New Testament (NT), including the following phrases along with Grace:

Word was made flesh,
Truth came from Jesus Christ,
through the Redemption,
which was Bestowed upon me,
for your sakes He became poor,
accepted in the Beloved,
Quickened us together with Christ,
called us with an holy calling,according to His Mercy He Saved us,
To Him be Glory and Dominion…

Those phrases give a better definition than any one on Grace that I’ve found – because it is from God’s Word – plus, it reads as a single definition… We indeed are able to see Him as a real part of our lives, because He once lived as a human being just like we are – it makes Him ever more “real” to each of us. He is Alive, Eternally so, forever and forever.


While there are many other verses on Grace, these are specific ones showing us that through trusting our lives with His, that our lives will be changed in a moment, which will last not only a lifetime here, but forever for all that we tell, witness to and share Him with, that will trust on Him and Believe He is Who we already know Him to be.


The search for this specific list of Grace is answered by giving us the “how” or maybe more importantly to consider, the “by”. We are so much more able and equipped to understand the “by” because we can see Him working, but may not understand this side of Heaven how He does so.

By Means Of His…

Being Made Flesh
Free Redemption
Understanding Poverty
Blood & Forgiveness
Exceeding Riches
Holy Calling
Eternal Glory

We as Christians have the Eternal benefit of Grace because God the Father created what seems to us-ward a Love beyond belief, where in reality that plan is simply Belief itself, in the very Love of our Heavenly Father’s Heart – His Son, Jesus Christ. Not a one of us understands how utterly and completely it works, but we have eleven (11) ways provided in this Series to understand some of those means in which He has shown us that love through His Son. By our knowing these means, we have a manner in which we can share with others what we know of God’s Grace and how those have been bestowed upon His children – indeed, our testimony is directly tied to each of these. May these words remind us of the Word they represent and such that our lips will utter the Scripture in which they are found – each one of them speak of the One Who has already extended that Grace to them, as we are faithful to share them. Surely, we can tell others of His Grace and By what Means Of His they are provided!

His Grace | http://delivertheword.com/hisgrace
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e-Courage Tutorial | http://delivertheword.com/how-to-use-e-courage

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I Am. Series SE


The first edition of the I Am. Series, was the VERY first Series developed for DeliverTheWord.com, done so, for a very special couple in our lives. Distinctly remember the evening service that the “free” side-note was given to us as a challenge in the congregation to “write it down and study it out sometime” which was done from time-to-time when something that had been studied didn’t look like it fit, but it was shared anyway. In no way would I have known just how powerful it would become and the lives that would be touched by scribbling the references down and studying it out later that week. Seven passages that would fuel a passion for study and creativity, putting one creative outlet together with a learning one, has led to thousands of images being created with God’s Word printed on them – including this Second Edition for this Series, the I Am. Series.

Second Edition

This intriguing and powerful little Series started off as a single print in design, with multiple images to create a set of seven (7) prints, which were all identical. For this round, something that had been desired to do some many years ago has finally been realized – each statement and passage being created on/for separate images/prints. The first proof created is the one that is shown on this page – The Bread of Life – one, because it is first chronologically, and second, it was the one the image had already been chosen. The resurrection lily used in the image was taken on the day this second edition Series was finally completed – we have thirty-eight (38) of them and they bloom every other year. Since we have enough of them to carry over, we have a fair number of them pop up to bloom each year now.


Each passage and statement set, which makes up the seven individual prints, are now individual prints – but are numbered so one can tell which of the seven (7) is being gazed upon. Considering the season we are in of our family ministry and our corporate worship, this indeed is an exciting time for this Second Edition to be released! Indeed it is a blessing to know that no matter where we are, of course in the center of God’s Will should be at the apex of that “where”, that we have an AWESOME Lord, who we need to be reminded here and there of “Who” He is. These seven + one prints do just that – Jesus said them and He is the “I Am.” of them.


The seven statements each begin with “I Am”, which are now incorporated in the design of the prints. Consider each of them and the significance they carry for the Christian.

I Am. Statements

  • The Bread Of Life
  • The Light Of The World
  • The Door Of The Sheep
  • The Good Shepherd
  • The Resurrection, Life
  • The Way, Truth, Life
  • The True Vine

Amazing to consider, the First Edition of the “I Am. Series” in on display in homes in Raleigh, North Carolina, across the United States of America and in various countries around the world. Just the thought of where this Second Edition will be displayed excites me – because it will start in our home, then being put up on social media, uploaded to our websites, shared with friends and family… those we influence, interact and impact for the cause of Christ. Will we as Christians be willing to display Who Christ is to us through the very fabric of our lives? Can someone tell by what is being displayed around you that this “I Am.” means more than the “world” to you? What is hanging inside your heart will surely show through as evidence of your love and devotion – I seek to have mine be an evidence most precious, the I Am. working in me.

I Am. Series | http://delivertheword.com/iamseries
Flickr | https://www.flickr.com/photos/98308216@N06/sets/72157646135966725
e-Courage Tutorial | http://delivertheword.com/how-to-use-e-courage

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Hear My Cry, O God


From the very first mention of Psalm 61 being the text for the Bible study time, the cogs began to turn and my heart was encouraged by the time spent being challenged. This chapter of Psalms was not new to me by any means, but this time something different was stirred up inside of me by the Holy Spirit. It is my hope that stirring will be contagious in some sort of manner…

Consider With Me

A higher call came with this text, one where the consideration would challenge me to not only be reminded of how our Heavenly Father will answer our prayer and calm our fears, but it amazes me how He shows us how we are changed in the process. The verses penned in Psalm 61 demonstrate for us how desperate David was in getting himself to the place where he knew that God the Father would hear him and respond. It was NOT a list of things he wanted, rather they were cries from deep within his very being, ones that come from the depth of a person’s soul. He tells his God how he knows that he will be provided for and that this time would surely pass, once again bringing joy between him and God.


The Study verses, ones used to support and enhance the original Bible study notes, speak of how we can and will know that our God can and WILL answer them, just as He has done before with many for others we can read about. All that is being sought is how safety will be provided and clear direction is available for the asking – if we’d JUST ask Him! He has done so before, just as David has pointed out before us in the referenced Scripture.


There are SO many things that could be done with this Series! Almost could not contain myself with the possibilities – with the MOST important one being HOW God the Father would use the Holy Spirit to CHANGE me, just for having been faithful and continuing to seek His face through times of distress and pain. Take a look at the following word and word combinations to consider the ones presented in this Series, they are mighty and will change our lives, if we will just let our Lord change us.

Word To Consider

  • Hear & Attend | Cry & Lead | Strong | Abide & Trust | Heard & Fear
  • Prolong | Abide, Prepare & Preserve | Sing & Perform
  • groanings | heard | preserve | attend | chosen
  • lifter | present | refuge | runneth | truth
  • thanks | praise | bless | dwell

We must take into account Who God really is and recognize our part in putting ourselves before Him with a repentant heart, soul, mind and life – such that He will want to use us. Even when we think the worst thing in the world that could happen has, with no seeming way out without a miracle intervention. It might be right there in that moment that God seeks to MOVE in our midst, changing more than just us to place us right where He wants, so we might serve Him utterly. When studying out the verses used in this Series, it may appear that they are bleak and abandoning – they are quite rather the opposite – it is preparation such that our God can make the greatest impact, profound changes and significant growth, which He SO DESIRES in our lives and the lives of others. Will we listen? Will we praise Him right where we are, NO MATTER where we find ourselves? Will YOU sing… I AM choosing to do so!

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