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Giving Thanks


This Series took a “turn” into something much more than was originally thought, which has something to do with the reversal of two words: “Giving Thanks”, which turned into “Thanksgiving” – all without the loss of a single letter! Believe you me, that is one HUGE turn-around – which was not expected one bit. Being that it has been taken from a recent sermon preached from the pulpit of our church, the “proving” was already going to be exciting to begin with – the preparation was not quite enough to understand it was SO much more than just two little words…

Preparing For A Transformation

Our Preacher for the evening, who delivered this timely message, is one of our own young men John Hill. His message was so clear, pointed and directed – that we should be aware of what our problems are and how others can hurt us, even when they may not even realize it. One very important point run my bell so to speak, that we should be giving thanks to God in praise in every situation, every trial, every pain…

Remembering a statement that our Pastor Emeritus has made in my hearing literally hundreds of times when he prays, “with Thanksgiving”, it triggered the two work reversal. Sure enough when looking it up in the Bible, the “thanks” with “giving” provided the verses for this Series with some WONDERFUL reading throughout the Bible. Seventeen (17) passages of Scripture were chosen for this Series to capture some of the many reasons we should be Giving Thanks unto God The Father for His Mercy, Kindness and Grace shown towards us.


We definitely don’t deserve anything we are given and should really understand that it is by God’s Grace, Mercy and Provision that we have any of what we have today. These images attempt to captivate the attention with God’s Creation so that we might spread God’s Word all around. We are to be “Giving Thanks Continually” in all that we do, go, see, speak, help… The list goes on and on – so do the reasons we have to Sing God’s Praise!


A Few Good Areas

  1. Continually
  2. At Your Own Will
  3. Because He Is Good
  4. With A Song
  5. Before His Presence
  6. Into His Courts
  7. For His Goodness
  8. Call Upon The Name
  9. Unto Our God
  10. Renewed Day By Day
  11. Always For All Things
  12. In Every Thing
  13. Through His Blood
  14. As Ye Have Been Taught
  15. Whatsoever Ye Do
  16. For Every Creature
  17. For Ever And Ever

May we each be found Giving Thanks for the many reasons He gives us to do so, no matter where we find ourselves!

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Never Be Without Power

Honestly, this Series began rolling around in my head upon seeing something not “spiritual” at all – it was an advertisement for backup generators in a local ad circular for a hardware store. The process of thinking on building another generator immediately brought to mind a hymn “Power in the Blood of Jesus” by Barney E. Warren, written in 1926. How would this apply to us? We should never do anything, whether that be secular or spiritual, without considering where we get our abilities from – period.

The Purpose

Do we honestly focus on Who’s Power it is that we are relying on to do even the most basic of things? If there were a shortage of oxygen, we’d be in BIG trouble, fast. Should there not be a signal going from our brains to our heart, it would cease to beat, causing life to become much shorter than we’d like. Those two things are not something we think about for the most part, they are an expected thing for us – that we have air to breathe and that our heart beats like it is supposed to beat.

As Christians, there are some built-in items also, which depend on us as to how well they are met and maintained. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit in each one of us will cause us to view the world differently. As we become more aware of just how different we are to be, there will come a desire to be a witness for the Lord and what He has done in our own lives. Following through with our commitments to Him is what turns a Promise (His actually) into a Reality (what others see in us) that anyone can see – whether they are a Christian or not.

What will we be doing today that can only be done in His Power? None of the flowers chosen for this Series would look as they do if it had not been for God’s Provision, how is it we would even begin to think we would be who we are without… Today I pray for each of us that as we set about doing this day what sits before us, that we would consider in each and every action Who gave us the ability to do so and how we are to accomplish each thing. As we share the Gospel, teach a Sunday School class, respond to events in our lives, care for others, represent ourselves in the workplace, be the member of the family we should be – that we’d do so knowing that the work we do represents our Lord and can ONLY be done for Eternity sake in His Power.

The following list of items are things that we should Never Be Without Power in considering at any time in our lives.

Considerations Of His Power

  1. Ye Shall Be Witnesses
  2. Lift Up Your Eyes
  3. Thine Is The Kingdom
  4. Lifteth Up The Meek
  5. Shall Renew Their Strength
  6. The Just Shall Live By Faith
  7. It Is The Power Of God
  8. Is Mighty In You
  9. To Know The Love Of Christ
  10. The Whole Armour Of God
  11. Through The Faith Of Christ
  12. The Knowledge Of His Will
  13. Through His Blood
  14. Risen With Him Through Faith
  15. With Joy Of The Holy Ghost
  16. The Work Of Faith
  17. Stir Up The Gift Of God
  18. Spoken To Us By His Son
  19. Great And Precious Promises
  20. The Presence Of His Glory

Each of the items in this list should be areas in which we seek to do and to get to, for we can only see, achieve and live those through the Wonder Working Power of the Creator of Everything, God Himself.

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The King Had Spoken


This particular Series allowed for an interesting course to be developed from a subtle and seemingly simple phrase:

“That was enough, doubts were quieted, fears were stilled, hearts were settled, the King had spoken”

It was NOT at all what was expected. The end is what caught my attention from a set of statements that Dr. Paul W. Chappell made in his book “The Burden Bearer” (A recommended read for any Christian at ANY age) – that statement is “The King Had Spoken”. Reverse the order of the ends to get the full effect of what was seen:

(1) The King Had Spoken -> (2) Doubts Were Quieted, (3) Fears Were Stilled, (4) Hearts Were Settled -> (5) That Was Enough

All the Lord had to do was Speak – of course He could have just thought it, but we are such auditory driven creation – it helps us to hear it Spoken. Just for Him to Speak was Enough for whatever action He desired to be accomplished. The Bible study through hundreds upon hundreds of verses for just the word “Peace” was an amazing walk through the pages of His Word. The word Peace was repeatedly lain upon my heart by the Holy Spirit to remember words that are dear to me “Peace, Be Still” from the Gospel of Mark 4:39 | KJV:

“And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.”
Mark 4:39 | King James Version

Interestingly enough, most folks have no idea what the following verses in Mark 4:40-41 | KJV say…

“And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith? And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?”
Mark 4:40-41 | King James Version

Then, just as it is now, it is a matter of our Believing and us having Faith.


There are many different avenues which this Series has challenged me during the development of it. One of those is the phrase “had spoken”, which is used 40 times throughout the Bible. The choice of focusing on the word “Peace” ran deep particularly with me because it is something remembered and called upon during my own times of deepest pain with Cluster Headaches.


There are four sets of images in this Series to cover the Theme, Doubts, Fears and Hearts pieces.

Each Piece

Theme | Peace Be Still, Why Fearful, My Peace, These Things, Even So Send

Doubts | Hold Your Peace, Bless With Peace, Whose Mind Is Stayed, An Expected End, Kingdom Of God, The God Of Peace, Author Of Peace

Fears | Depart From Evil, Abundance Of Peace, Great Peace, One Edify Another, Abound In Hope, Peace And Love, The Lord Be With You

Hearts | Shall Add To Thee, A Time, Justified By Faith, Grace And Peace, Through Christ Jesus, Make Peace, Be Diligent In Peace

What a lesson we have to learn for each situation we have faced in life, just as those in the Bible we read about today – The King Had Spoken already and That Was Enough!

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I Will Hope In Him


This Series began to come together in a struggle time for me, one that the God of Creation used to help Encourage me through a severe pain management treatment while in the hospital as a result of my Cluster Headaches. The story in the life of Luther Bridger and the writing of “He Keeps Me Singing”, was shared in a book entitled “The Burden Bearer” by Dr. Paul W. Chappell. Luther wrote the hymn shortly after losing his wife and children (three boys) in a house fire at his wife’s parents home in Kentucky during the year 1910.


Capturing My Attention

While not the main verse of Scripture of focus by Luther for his hymn, and it is one the shortest of the verses, Lamentations 3:24 | KJV caught my attention and my heart. It simply reads:

The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.
Lamentations 3:24 | King James Version

It made the verse Luther used to describe and draw inspiration from make sense. One of the most difficult things for me to do when under a full Cluster Headache cycle strike is to sing – at any level. It causes my seizures to go into overdrive and the pain is extremely intense, which causes me to literally fall over. The verse is one that reminds me of a truth I’ve shared many times with many people, others are watching – everything we do…

And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God: many shall see it, and fear, and shall trust in the LORD.
Psalm 40:3 | King James Version

Through our challenges, difficulties and trials, we as Christians become ready reflectors of the Grace, Mercy and Peace which the Holy Spirit is the conduit, as God the Father gives them to us as we endeavor to serve Him. May we never forget that others are watching carefully every action we make, each step that we take and what all we do for His sake.


There are a total of fifteen (15) prints, in two different categories, Hope and Shadow, which showcase God’s Word for us to see each of them being given to us.

Listing Heading

  • My Portion
  • Before Me
  • Good Courage
  • In His Mercy
  • Be Upon Us
  • In Thee
  • Deliver Me
  • Not Forget
  • Trusteth In
  • May Abound
  • Looking For

Our Shadow

  • Secret Place
  • Of Thy Wings
  • Excellent Trust
  • Been My Help

May each of us consider the placement of our Hope and Who’s Shadow we decide to abide under!

I Will Hope In Him | http://delivertheword.com/iwillhopeinhim


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Live In Peace


This “Live In Peace” Series is a daughter Series to “If It Be Possible” completed just before this one was created.  During the review of the word “possible”, the word “Peace” came into view very strongly. Each of these “Peace” discoveries speaks of how God the Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ equips us for so many different situations and circumstances.


The starting verse of Scripture for this Series comes from II Corinthians, speaking to the church in Corinth, gives us solid direction as to how we should live.

Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.
II Corinthians 13:11 | King James Version

It is a promise of God’s Presence with each of us that love the God of All Creation and are willing to have the Mind of Christ toward those where we are placed and live out our lives.  We have all the Promises in the Book of Ages which is preserved for us in this day and time – God’s Holy Word.  By us being at peace with Him, we can have that Peace (that He Alone can supply) with others because we personally know how that works ourselves.


The following Scripture areas are presented in this Series.

The Reasons For Our Peace

  • God Shall Be With You
  • The LORD Fights For Us
  • Gives Strength & Blessings
  • Do, Seek & Pursue
  • Love Without Offending
  • Be Understanding
  • Keep In Mind Our Trust
  • Both In Us and For Us
  • Given An Expected End
  • Blessed To Be Called Of God
  • Neither Troubled Or Afraid
  • Therefore Follow After Him
  • From The Father & Son
  • Unity Of The Spirit
  • Love With Faith
  • Keeping Our Hearts & Minds
  • Being Thankful Together
  • Only By The Grace Of God
  • Fruit Of Righteousness
  • Be Diligent & Blameless
  • The Truth Dwelleth In Us

What an incredible Promise we have – that God will be with us and that we can indeed live in peace!

Live In Peace | http://delivertheword.com/liveinpeace


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If It Be Possible


When revisiting this Series, it was not known that it would be the answer to a real and present struggle that is being lived out in my own life.  To my pleasant surprise and Encouragement it allowed me, in over 600 verses of Scripture throughout the Bible, to see that the difficulty being had is an age old one and is not uncommon amongst God’s people.  It is always good for each Series to have some application, but it makes it EVER more satisfying and worth the hours of work when it helps me in such a profound manner.

The Original Thought

This Series came about in my mind from one of my favorite traveling evangelist families with RoundUp Ministries, the Walker’s.  Ms. Loretta is about as down to earth as anyone can be and puts it right where it should be when talking about difficulties and challenges.  This one came from a Ladies Conference she was attending and her discussion on on “I Am NOT Compatible!” and her explanation that it is “Scriptural” To Be Different.  She explained that we should “respect each others opinions and have discretion” about expressing ours in response.  The particular verse that grabbed my attention is from Romans 12:18 | KJV which is depicted in the very first print in this Series.

That verse says:

If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.
Romans 12:18 | King James Version

There are plenty of things that we are challenged by in any given day just per the usual of us existing in the world, but we should have our minds made up and our hearts set to what is “Possible” with God.  There are going to be those who will hurt you and will continue to do so, even when we’ve done all we can to prevent it.  Those are things we cannot change – we could not change them even through every capability we “think” we have.  I have a few of those that are played out right in front of my face more frequently than is desired.

Oftentimes there may be a difference of opinion stated, or maybe even a direct conflict in what is being presented, because it simply “exists” can make the situation either sour or not so good.  As can be even more of a challenge is when an individual has limited exposure to this or that and there is a “bent” out of shape anvil event where more than a difference of opinion becomes real noticeable.  For me, those are very difficult to deal with – some of that is due to the line of work done over a career of working for those who are in disaster recovery mode. It can be VERY nerve racking dealing with folks who know they’ve lost both money and data due, most of the time, to carelessness of their own making.

We must find that place in our hearts and lives to determine that each of us, by the enabling of the Holy Spirit, will make each step that we take in our lives one’s that show forth the Love of the Saviour.  The nine (9) areas to follow are manners in which there are direct helps in the Bible that challenge us to allow God the Father to do the Possible according to His Word, not in our limited manner, but rather in His Power – lived out in each of us daily according to His Will, not ours.

If It Be Topic Areas

  • 01 | Peaceably
  • 02 | Different
  • 03 | Unconditionally
  • 04 | Better
  • 05 | Diligently
  • 06 | Things
  • 07 | Shall Be
  • 08 | Believeth
  • 09 | Mustard Seed

These nine (9) different Scripture presentations that are possible, only with God Power, will be life changers each time we make application of them to and in our own lives.

If It Be Possible | http://delivertheword.com/ifitbepossible


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