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Having Integrity


This Series has been a work in progress over a VERY short period of time. Just this past Sunday morning we were privileged to have The Clark Family at our church for our Family Day 2013 activities from Solid Rock Baptist Church in New Jersey. Those familiar with DeliverTheWord.com will easily recall the young Master Travis Clark performing and singing “He Knows My Name“, which has to be my all time favorite live performance from an “under four footer” ever!

Bro. Michael was in charge of our Adult Bible Study Men’s program for Family Day this year, while his wife, Carla was taking care of teaching our Ladies during the Sunday School hour. The “handout” for his session was a single half sheet that might have looked mundane at first, but once he got started, we found out that he was getting down to business quickly.

Our challenge was centered around the word: INTEGRITY. Represented by few small phrases:

  • entireness
  • no part missing
  • moral soundness
  • purity
  • unbroken

Then came the phrase that stuck with me:

“Being on the Inside
What is Portrayed on the Outside”

This Series covers every letter in the word INTEGRITY, with a look at how we are to live and keep our Integrity intact for the cause of Christ.


As each of the areas of INTEGRITY are looked over, remember that we are NOT left here alone to defend ourselves against the onslaught of the devil – Job will be the centerpiece to understanding what real Bible INTEGRITY really is. Job had “integrity”, otherwise God the Father would have never subjected him to the wiles of the devil to prove it.

Introduction and Closing Phrases

  • Having Integrity
  • Mine Integrity

Indeed each us will have our own INTEGRITY to account for and to live out before those that are around us and before the very eyes of our Lord.
Phrases for INTEGRITY

  • Individual Thing, No One Can Take It
  • No One May Know That You Don’t Have It
  • Truth Destroys It
  • Everyone Is Affected By It
  • God Knows It
  • Right Behaviors Always Displays It
  • Immorality Destroys It
  • Temptation/Testing Reveals It
  • Your Future Depends On It

May we, each one of us, be a Christian Witness and have INTEGRITY in all that we say and do!

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God’s Best For Us


This Series is one developed for a Special Friend and created in a somewhat odd manner – going backwards instead of forwards in Scripture research. The title is simply “God’s Best For Us”, conveying the true wants of God the Father toward His children from His Word. He has prepared for us and places in us, as Christians, what is Best for Us – we have to be the ones who seek the Relationship with Him to understand and comprehend it.

The focus of this print is “Even This”, meaning that God’s Best For Us includes those trials that we just don’t think we can bare, those where our hands are up in the air – with the wonderment deep down in our souls as to why. If there is that one “something” that I’ve been taught through being used to Encourage others, it would be ENCOURAGE as the Holy Spirit leads. After all, it is the Lord’s timing that matters in all of time – He’s never delivered it late, I’ve been amazed at how His timing is perfect.


While we may not understand how God the Father is using a certain situation, conflict or difficulty in our lives, we can be certain of this – He knows that Even This challenge will be used for His Glory and He WILL reveal it to you and I who will listen to Him.


An additional fourteen (14) images and Scripture verse snippets have been included in this Series which may appear a bit haphazard.  Let me assure you of this, they are in an order, exactly reverse to be exact by Scripture reference.

Phrases | God’s Best For Us

  • As He Walked
  • Glory and Dominion
  • Love One Another
  • Gift Is From Above
  • Everlasting Covenant
  • Remember No More
  • Eternal Salvation
  • We See Jesus
  • Throughly Furnished
  • Even This
  • Sufficient Grace
  • Which Is Perfect
  • We Speak Wisdom
  • Reasonable Service
  • Be Ye Therefore

Each of the roses chosen for this Series was selected based upon the verses of Scripture that were to be used.  Indeed we are to see the high calling as Christians to the beauty of the Gospel of Christ, the Hope of Eternal Salvation, which each of us is Entrusted to Share with others.  When something is not quite right, if we will place ourselves humbly before Him, He is faithful and just to reveal to us what is in need of change – He will Reveal it!

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