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Some Things I Believe

In so many ways and in so many places we can be challenged on what we have stated that “We Believe” for what seems to me at least a lifetime.  Folks appear to be more eager than ever to hold a person to a measuring stick of their own choosing for every action, decision and choice that we make. When exactly did they, or if we’d be honest with ourselves, did we become the “judge and jury” over what others do or say?

Believe you me there is purpose in the question — look at me, there I’ve gone and done it myself… Trying to tell you something by trying to convince you of a thing or two as in “I’m gonna show you a thing or two…” from the Andy Griffith Show and several others if I recall correctly – just did it again…

This list is not “Spiritual” in nature from the outset, but it most definitely is tied for me – so many truths gleaned from them are actually Proverbs, Psalms and have Scripture backing than we may realize. The one shown here is actually No. 4 in the Series, referenced as “The Last Time” for point of recall, that name does not exist on the print itself. Think about the truth behind it:

That you should always leave loved ones
with Loving words.
It may be the last time you see them.

It is my hope and prayer that as you read and click through these, there will be people that the Holy Spirit puts upon your heart to send one to, share one with or possibly even call that person up to Encourage them because of reading one of them. They are indeed pointed – which should lead us to Praise the LORD for being SO generous to us in providing His Only Son to serve as our Substitute so that we might have the opportunity to gain Heaven on the upswing of receiving Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

How many of these will resonate with us individually? We’ll never know until we take a look at them. I’ve a dear friend that when he sees these is going to know that he has rubbed off on me in a major way, it is all about Some Things… See how many of them resonate with you here:


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Saith the LORD

Do we often consider what other people say? We most likely have heard something similar to this phrase being used within our hearing sometime in our lifetime: “If you had only listened the first time, then this would not have happened, but you wouldn’t listen now would you…”  Many of those times someone has given a word of caution to us about this one thing or another would happen if we chose not to listen to the advice and warning — if you’re like me, I did it anyway.  By not listening, the “that will never happen to me” event turned into reality – in the most real of manners.

Even to a point, as is often the case today in a VERY out of touch reality, we will be issued warnings, like “I’m going to count to three…” or “You are really getting to get yourself in trouble if you continue…”  So, with a far less structured system than when I was a child, we know of a far more relaxed penalty system with even less restrictions.  Repeatedly, the same things that would have me “remembering who was the boss”, are all but dismissed as if they will never carry a penalty at all.

Have we ever wondered how God the Father feels when He has given us repeated warnings? Interesting how many times “Saith the LORD” is in the Bible – that is a lesson in itself.

The Holy Spirit impressed on me to do something never done before in a Bible study – go backwards.  Read the end result of disobedience first, then all the warnings, going back to the original request to gain a better picture of how they got into SO much trouble.  Used three pens – green for good/positive, red for bad/negative and black for neutral/statement.  What was discovered?  The folks in the Bible are some REALLY stubborn people!  Reminds me of me when I don’t listen.

This specific print means Eternal Life to us as Christians – because of the Blood – no way around it – though it be crimson, it cleans as white as snow.  The remainder of the prints can be found at: http://delivertheword.com/saiththelord

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We Will Serve The LORD

As with many of the items that we see and phrases that we hear, some are destined to become ones which register in our minds as making sense and are applied to what we do.  Life is made up of the decisions and choices that we make, which each and everyone of them have consequences that last more than just a lifetime.  We have the responsibility to choose wisely, which has to involve God’s Word for the consequences to be good ones and the impact thereof fruitful.

Being in a world of very diverse people groups, we tend to call a large group of people living in a single area from various backgrounds, a melting pot of cultures.  These orchids stood out to me as there were hundreds of them on each stem, with a captivating color and tones throughout.  That same kind of difference should be seen in us wherever we find ourselves.

The choice to Serve the Lord is one we make daily, whereas most folks think you make that one decision the try to live it out in a daily life.  We choose to go to work, visit folks, witness for the Master, have a Christian testimony – all on a daily basis.  If you are honest and think about it a moment, those can be decisions that are made moment-by-moment.  Will you choose to Serve the LORD?  Are you willing to declare that your house will Serve the LORD?  Will YOU choose this day WHOM ye will SERVE?  We need to be reminded of it daily.

Access the rest of the Series: http://delivertheword.com/wewillservethelord

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Peace Jesus Brings

This is one of those poems that reaches right out to GRAB you! It’s quick, swift and gripping. It is also playful, yet sobering. Of course… Keep in mind and remember that this one was texted to me on the way down the hall to READ IT! READ IT! which would wake up a neighborhood. Even read it three more times once the lights were out…

Good Job!!! And a challenge to each of us… The red of this flowers bloom/petals is deep and turned down for the night, we need to be reminded and challenged to read the poem again… All to remember – the Peace that Jesus Brings…

A new place for Courtney Turner‘s poems is:http://delivertheword.com/talentsthroughwriting

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Do Thy Will With Me

Where to even begin with this one – one, this was written by our 15 year old Courtney Turner after a discussion on a written piece she did in June which had a “line” out of kilter. Honestly couldn’t tell – of course after she wrote “DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!” at the top of them poem – what was ‘missing’, just knew something needed adjusted. She looked at it a couple of times, then I handed it to her with a pen – stating that it wasn’t to come back until it was completed… That took about 2 minutes… Of course with SPECIFIC directions on what to re-arrange and NO CHANGE on anything else.

Shortly after that, she said “Quick, pen and paper, don’t care what, just give it to me…” What follows is the result. Have not decided when to post the previous poem written in June – it is a TOUGH one and I do mean TOUGH in ALL CAPS. This poem is the result of her SEEING God work through a situation which drove her to write the poem in June – what an AMAZING GOD we Serve! Of course, Bro. Stephen Hale Barker says it could have been said in one word “WOW!!!” but my vocabulary is a bit wider than his… This one is destined to be one that I on purpose look at every day…

This and others maybe found at: http://delivertheword.com/tworoads

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Cross Words

The Cross Words Series is one of those sets of prints which came by request to be matched up with something of my choosing, to make a package of images which would be an absolute show stopper. The request came from a graduated Senior from a Christian based school in the Eastern part of North Carolina – who happens to be my wife’s niece. First came the speech/letter that she wrote in which to draw the Scripture verses from to arrange into a collage. Next came the research time spent to build a “wrapper” so to speak around the thoughts and intents pointed out in the letter. In the end, a complete set of prints would be built that have cohesion and celebrate the Holy Spirit working inside of the born again believer.

No doubt you will notice there are three blooms – Gladiolas – arranged cascading over each other – simple enough to depict God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. The verse chosen for this arrangement is Ephesians 6:11 KJV – with the focus being placed on the word “stand”, giving us the before of what must be had to stand and underneath the word the why to do it. The last print in the Series is built upon the word “faith” – why to have it and telling us where to get it from.

Have we done all we can to Stand? Have I? Have you? Has it been noticed where these photos were taken… It begins at HOME, not at Church – these photos were taken on the corner post of our porch, where vaguely the steps can be seen blurred in the background. Our HOMEs are what depict the strength of our Churches – our Stand begins with each of us personally. My FIRST altar is at home, my second one is at my Church house. These are some of my Cross Words, will you join me in making them yours too?

For the rest of the Series: http://delivertheword.com/crosswords

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Volume 1 – Issue 1

Welcome to The Encouragement Chronicles | Volume 1 | Issue 1

There has never been a greater need for an effective, available means of Encouragement than there is today. That’s why I am particularly pleased to share with you that the Website DeliverTheWord.com has recently been brought on-line and is ready to be accessed by everyone who would wish to do so.

We all know that sites can come and go. While we are certainly excited to present this site to each of you, it is important to point out that the people who this site represents have spent years working along side you in various capacities. Those people would be us, the Turner family and we have been preparing long and hard for the eventual debut you are witnessing just now. This site was first developed in 2001 over which has gone through several periods of differing phases, which were building blocks for the site today. This final work has been purely a work of Encouragement fueled by prayer, fasting and biblical focus.

DeliverTheWord.com is a site of sites if you will – which already contains over 100 individual sites (and growing), as each Series has a site theme which sets it apart from all the others. Some 49 or so of them are turned on right now, with the remainder of them being worked on, tweaked, updated and content being added. From the very first glimpse of the site, the introduction to those sites will become evident – as the front page contains the main or theme images to each of the Series contained. These photos represent over 15 years of images put to Scripture to become what you will see on this site.

Every image contained within DeliverTheWord.com can be sent to anyone via e-mail FREE of charge. As whatever Series is being viewed, each image will have an e-Courage option which presents you with a straight-forward method to send to an e-mail address with a “note to them” of your own.

The Encouragement Chronicles is the on-line magazine (e-Zine) publishing extension ministry of DeliverTheWord.com.  Experience Encouragements delivered in e-mail, prints & backgrounds with the coverage and blending the best of sharp photography and essential Scriptures both in print and on-line.

Share Tools On-Line Presentation
The Ability to Immediately Send a Message of Encouragement to Others Right from Your Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone or Any Number of Internet Capable Devices All You to Encourage From Anywhere! Easy to Use Tools and Features Allow for Each Person to Find Something that Suits Them in Sharing the Gospel Message to Everyone They Know and to a World that Does Not Know! DeliverTheWord.com is AVAILABLE Everywhere to Every One!  Every Item is Made Available in Various Formats Including Prints, Backgrounds, Send a Note to a Friend and e-Courage Electronic Cards. 100+ Different Series from Which  to choose from…  Most of the Designs are Provided with a Floral Type of Background, but there are Various Other Designs which have Motif or Themes to Choose From.

What You Are About To Witness

Having a delivery mechanism to give the shout out for Christians who want to Encourage others may at first appear to be something simple and basic…  It has proven to be more of a challenge than we expected, but one where the rewards FAR outweigh the costs! Each and Every design developed for DeliverTheWord.com is available for your use to help you Encourage others. Each Series contains images which feature sharp photographs set to King James Version Scripture quotes based on Biblical truth and many others which are Encouraging.

In this Introductory issue of The Encouragement Chronicles, three Series are going to be introduced, the first two of which are The Love of God and We Are Ambassadors.  These first two Series were NOT the first ones which was designed specifically for DeliverTheWord.com, that is where the third one comes in, which is Trial of Your Faith.  Each of these Series cover dark days and periods of those involved lives, it is my prayer that each person who reads this Chronicle will understand they are the inspiration for my daily Christian walk.

Each of them have incredible stories to share about heartache, valley walks and trials – all of them having a Constant: Knowing Jesus Christ as their Saviour, having to Lean on the Everlasting Arms of God the Father and Listening for that Small, Quiet Voice of the Holy Spirit.  It is my sincere prayer that Encouragement goes a little further today because of it…

Join the many people who’ve signed up to receive the The Encouragement Chronicles – monthly e-mails chock-full of our latest announcements, creative ways to Encourage others, and personal stories spotlighting some of their extraordinary Encouragement blessings.
Want to share this specific Chronicle Newsletter Edition? To share this Newsletter, just start the process by scrolling to the bottom of the Chronicle and select ‘E-mail This Post‘ in the center of the window. Not yet registered to receive it automatically? Register now!

Series Showcase | The Love of God

Website | http://delivertheword.com/theloveofgod

This incredible story involves two ladies, Ms. Nancy M. Cook and Dean B. Strickland.   Ms. Nancy is a dear friend who, along with her husband Bro. Jack, serve the Lord through Amazing Grace Missions.  They are Missionaries to America Through Fairs.  Ms. Dean is my Grandmother who, along with my Grandfather PaPa, live in Knightdale, North Carolina, whom I cherish greatly.

This story also involves a few other things including two sets of roses, one set taken at a dinner and the other are my Grandmother’s Ball Mountain Roses.  Another would be a hymn written by Frederick M. Lehman | 1917 | The Love of God.

Each of us should ask ourselves at least once daily “What are we to be doing with whom we are listening to?”, for that is what this series is ALL about.  This “little bit of encouragement” came to be by the way of two things: paying attention AND following through with the simplest of requests.  The paying attention part had to do with getting my eyes off my “self made challenges” and placing them on a couple whom our family has so taken to, that when something is amiss, all three of us start asking “What’s wrong with Ms. Nancy and Mr. Jack?”  The following through part was JUST as simple, but would have NEVER come to the light of day – if it hadn’t been for “The Love of God.”

1024×768 (SVGA/XGA) | 1280×1024 (SXGA)

The Beginning…

After several days from the time the Cook’s had left from Raleigh, North Carolina, we began to be a little concerned that we had not heard from them, as they had left out on the way to the great state of Georgia – Jefferson to be a little more precise.  As I’d had some time to snap a few roses on the Thursday before, started working on them to see if anything could be put into some type of a set.  The roses came from an absolutely incredible group of corsages purchased for a celebration dinner in Wallace, North Carolina which took place at the Mad Boar banquet hall.  The corsages were made with multiple strands of fresh water pearls as the banding and petite red rose buds.

The very first photo chosen to check quality, lighting and to see if there was anything which could be used provided to be a very subtle, but rich color set image which immediately was impressed upon me to drop a line to Ms. Nancy, include the photo and a note because it was troubling me that something was wrong.  Prayed about the situation, then fired off an e-mail with a photo of just the corsage.

My initial message to Ms. Nancy was one to inquire from a funny tone, while also letting her know that we were concerned for them – all three of us have detected a moving in the troubled waters so to speak with some prolonged difficulties.  The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to make the contact, with that EXACT photo.  Knowing that she liked red roses made it make more sense to be me, so without hesitation, attached it to an e-mail and clicked send – having NO idea what would come next.

The Return…

Ms. Nancy zipped me back an e-mail early in the morning the following morning with the first of a two part series of sharing, heartache, encouragement, praise, humbling and of course a healthy dose of bantering!  Told her of the detection of some anguish and heartache detected in her phone calls and e-mails, which included singing the “The Love of God” and indeed that it would be WORTH IT ALL.  One will NEVER know what a person is stumbling over, wrestling with, being hindered by or what is going on in the process of a day – if one is not willing to put down self and make an investment in another persons life.

It is my DISTINCT pleasure and HUMBLING honor to be used in such a manner of encouragement to those whom God the Father has ordered to our paths, where the Lord Jesus can be shared and leaned upon, and in a manner most sweet, the Holy Spirit work through ME.  Even through the midst of challenging times and troubled situations, it is MOST wonderful to see the Counsellor at work, in concert with an effort to use a gift given to me to encourage another – sweet indeed…


The Love of God | Frederick M. Lehman | 1917

Quickly took a look at my “music vault” so to speak to look up “The Love of God” to find those words, setting them to the first rose/pearl image sent to Ms. Nancy -which “started it all” for this series of prints.  As best as can be discovered, there were two original verses, with the third being added at a later date.


“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Romans 8:38-39 | King James Version

Are we persuaded, I mean REALLY persuaded, that NOTHING shall be able to separate us from the LOVE of God?  God loved us SO MUCH that He gave the BEST He had for the WORST of us – which includes YOU and ME – so that we would KNOW His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!  How we care, how much we care, how we go about that care – will be guided by what you and I WILL NOT let separate us from “The Love of God” – now and forever.  We’d be well to heed EVERY prompting of the Holy Spirit to speak with EVERYONE He places in our pathway.

The Focus…

By humbling ourselves, we will clearly be able to respond favorably to what the Holy Spirit places upon our hearts to do for the God of EVERYTHING.  Listening takes time to learn to do, that comes from our willingness, as well as yearning after the things of God.  Will others know the “song” that is upon your heart, or better yet, will they tell you the “song” that is upon theirs, because you took the time to communicate and show them how much you CARE?  That my Brother and Sister in the Lord is EXACTLY what this site is ALL ABOUT – pointing EVERYONE to the Cross and being one who will be there to help them get there!

Where Are The Roses?


This site is dedicated to two VERY SPECIAL ladies in my life – one of whom I’ve known all but just a couple of years of my life and the second one whom I feel there is a bridging connector that transcends time.  Without at first realizing it, this Series applies to them both and they complement each other just perfectly – there a both just a tad crazy and they both love me and my girls!!!

The first one whom I’m speaking of is my Grandmother Dean – or as I’ve always remembered calling her “My Deanie”.  The “Mountain Roses” which make up ALL of the additional shots for this series were all taken of her rose bushes at my Grandparents home in Knightdale, North Carolina.  Nearly 490 shots (which will show up in multiple Series offerings) were taken of those beautiful bushes and “little roses” that bunch up like pillows.  They are all red – which of course goes with the corsage photos taken at the banquet in Wallace, North Carolina.

The second one whom I’m speaking of is my Big Sis Nancy – who is the individual that the Lord has blessed me with (one could see and TAKE this from multiple vantage and view points depending on time of the day) for more than just building this SPECIFIC Series.  Now that of course that EXACT same trouble that is gotten into multiple times an hour at times is “appearing”, you’ll just have to hear me laughing all the way to the closing letter of the paragraph!

I’ll always be  my Deanie’s Doodlebug and picking at Ms. Nancy (who is a certified NUTCASE, don’t believe me – ask ANYONE…) who has me labeled as “YOU…” – one cannot share ALL my names, it would not leave much to imagination would it?!  To the both of you, this Series would NOT have been possible but for the Holy Spirit prompting me to send a “red rose with some fresh water pearls” and taking an hour or so to photograph those “Ball Mountain Roses” which I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of times.  Now the world can be encouraged by God’s Word applied to images that remind the both of you of sweet memories and times of the here and some time ago…

Series Spotlight | We Are Ambassadors

Website | http://delivertheword.com/ambassadors

This Series is a VERY special one for me, not only because of the peoples lives that were touched in the process of developing it, but by our identifying ourselves with the special group we call the “Ambassadors Sunday School Class”!  Be very sure you have all your happenings around you settled because this one will catch you by total surprise – not by what is written, but rather the conviction is will stir up inside of you by way of the Holy Spirit.  Consider yourself warned…

Do you know of anyone that is alone?  Perhaps you are the only person that knows they are…  What if you are that person, would you want someone else to know?  Could it be possible that the person you just had come to your mind doesn’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour?  Or is it that they have been so discouraged by time and so many events that they have forgotten Who He is?

1024×768 (SVGA/XGA) | 1280×1024 (SXGA)

These are difficult questions, which can have so many different facets to ponder…  My purpose in asking them is to challenge you to be an Ambassador for Christ, one who will pray, one who will go to where they are, one who will actively seek to Encourage – that person who is alone…  We are to be faithful ministers (each one of us) as we seek to Encourage others, for we truly can only see on the outside, where God knows the heart.

Even if all we can do is be an Encourager, being faithful to be directed by the Holy Spirit, to deliver God’s Word to those persons we are convicted to do so.  They are the ones who will have to want to rise up from where they are; we cannot.  It matters not what the challenge is or where they find themselves, we each can Encourage.

Please consider being that Ambassador For Christ to all those you come in contact with, especially to that special one who came across your mind who you know is alone.

Series Spotlight | Trial of Your Faith

Website | http://delivertheword.com/trialofyourfaith

This set of prints developed for Pastor Kerby Campbell of Treasured Trials Ministry.  Pastor Kerby, his wife Ms. Kelli and their two sons, Issac and Jack came to warm our hearts at Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina on Sunday, July 17, 2011.  As part of our “Summer Sunday Nights” in July, Bro. Kerby shared with us his testimony and message of going through and continuing to go through this trial.

Bro. Kerby is a church planter from Maryville, Washington.  On February 17, 2010, he underwent routine knee surgery which involved a failed spinal epidural and resulted in a condition called arachnoiditis, which is a lifetime of severe pain.  Realizing God makes no mistakes, Bro. Kerby wants to give God the glory and help others realize that our trials are treasures from the Lord.

1024×768 (SVGA/XGA) | 1280×1024 (SXGA)

The Ministry verse is I Peter 1:7

That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.
I Peter 1:7 | King James Version

They want to help each of us give God praise, honor and glory, through our trials, whether they be physical, emotional, financial, relational or mental – realizing they are treasures from God.  Everyone has them…  How will you handle yours?

Whatever the challenge or difficulty, we can be sure to handle each of those in a manner that is Honoring to the God of Glory by the Power of His Son and Saviour Jesus Christ!


The Benefits provided by The Encouragement Chronicles is tied around a core and common conviction: we are to be BUILDING UP others, not TEARING DOWN — we have the opportunity to be a powerful Encourager through the tools of DeliverTheWord.comClick here for more…


Worthwhile Distinctives about The Encouragement Chronicles could be primarily summed up in the fact that this site is “Made for Christians” with a primary objective of having a Spiritual Focus of the Encouragement kind. Click here for more…

Who Can Use

Providing the answer of Who Can Use the features of The Encouragement Chronicles is actually an easy one – EVERYONE. Anyone can Encourage another individual who has access to a computer almost instantaneously to nearly any place in the world. Click here for more…

All DeliverTheWord.com Images are available for everyone to enjoy!  Each and Every design, image and print can impact others in virtually every corner of the world, anywhere and to anyone who has access to the Internet.  Encourage someone today! One may never know this side of Heaven the full impact of our reasonable service.

Recent Series Releases

DeliverTheWord.com is purely about being an “Encouragement” and delivering it “From God’s Holy Word” to and for positively everyone. It is the on-line portfolio and extension of an insatiable desire to study God’s Word of William A. Turner. It is a place where I post all kinds of work – may be a simple one print piece, specific Encouragement developed for a friend, an incredible sermon outline as preached by our Pastor, challenges brought by one our our Pastoral Staff, or a fantastic concept seen elsewhere that needed to be re-engineered to more perfectly apply to God’s Word. Every concept, design, and print developed on this site is available for the purpose of Encouragement. Click here to go to site.

Selective Collections Classic Collections Extensive Collections Special Edition Collections Multi-Set Collections
1-7 Images 8-18/24 Images 25+ Images Themed Images e.g. Christmas More Than One Set of Images
Designs Per Group

Would you join us in being an Encouragement to others? No doubt you have noticed that EVERY word that contains the slightest hint of Encourage in it is RED. If it were not for the Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – we’d have nothing to ENCOURAGE people with now would we?

Just think… There is a Series that has been made available for YOU to Encourage someone with – it’s FREE, it’s FAST, it’s SCRIPTURAL (KJV) and it’s RIGHT… Remember, that’s DeliverTheWord.com!

All Rights Reserved. | © 2003-2012 DeliverTheWord.com | The Encouragement Chronicles

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My Father

Isn’t it always interesting how some places seem to conjure up certain ideas, emotions and recall of things we have seen, been or participated in before? For me phrases do that, which for anyone that knows me knows I have around a pen, pad and/or my phone to jot them down. The list for this Series, “My Father”, actually is someones photograph of eighteen (18) phrases jotted down in the fly leaf of a book or possibly a journal, as they had spent time reading God’s Holy Word, the Bible.

Each of them written down so carefully must have reminded them of what “My Father…” meant, was and continued to be for them. A specific passage book and verse was handwritten with each entry. One can tell it was no accident that they came from various books and places in the Scriptures. They had spent time with not only their Creator, but also with the Creator’s Instruction Book!

Could others, by looking at what you or I write down, tell where we have spent our time on any given day? Would they find any intrigue by seeing what you or I have left open on our desks, on the dining room table or for that matter — anyplace? Would they be able to surmise Who you and I have been spending time with on a regular basis? We each reflect pretty much what we put into us, where a steady soaking from the Word of God will cause us to have Love for others, a Caring spirit for others and show forth a Compassion that can only be gotten by spending time with Almighty God Himself!

The first image, presented here is the best in the Book – John 3:16 KJV – for the rest of them, go to:


What does your Father mean to you? I know “My Father Loves Me!”


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As It Were

We all, in varying ways, like neat and nice looking things especially when they are presented to us as recognition of a job well done. Many times those recognitions come in the form of diplomas, advanced degrees or maybe even when a project is completed, there are people who will enjoy or benefit from it years on down the road. Each time we see that certificate, diploma, memento or trophy we will be reminded of what it took to get to that point in our lives. Some of those things are indications of difficulties overcome instead of some great feat being accomplished — nonetheless, they represent a period of time we have experienced.

Now comes the question of the ages, “Do others see in you ‘as it were’ any type of presented signature work?” Is there a willingness on your part, on my part, to say to the Lord today “Without Thy Mind Would I Do Nothing”??? Will your Christian Walk show through? To see the remainder of these prints, go to:

As It Were | http://delivertheword.com/asitwere

The perspective given of Revelation might surprise you.

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Faithful Friends

A Friend has reminded me of something today… What it is to be a Faithful Friend – one who stands through the thick and thin of whatever life is being lived on either side of the fence. Being a Christian and being a Christian Friend is a whole different level of Friendship and of course affords each of us an endless Book of examples – the Bible – of how to be just that – a Friend to a Brother and/or Sister in the Lord! A collection of vivid, colorful images to remind each of us to be a Faithful kind of Friend, one who shares Peace, Kindness, Sincerity, Encouragement, Confidence, Faith who is at the cornerstone of it all a Friend! That Cornerstone Friend is closer than we are and He knows us and them better than anyone – the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Number 7 is shown here and the other 9 can be found at:

Faithful Friends | http://delivertheword.com/faithfulfriends

Allow these ten (10) images kindle up a few names of your friends who you want to share what you’ve been reminded of just now.

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