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Leaving Us An Example

Have been challenged today to remember what kind of an example we are to be as Christians. We have ONE far above ourselves that serves as an example to us Who is worthy of us to Follow: The Lord Jesus Christ. The verse of focus is I Peter 2:21 KJV …that ye should follow His steps… What kind of Example am I leaving, what kind of Example are we leaving in the wake of the decisions each of us make? You’ll find the site background for the rest of this Series (Leaving Us An Example) is RED to remind each of us of the Blood Shed For Our SINS! Was reminded (along with my Wife Melissa W. Turner) in B-Sunday School 3rd Grade Boys this morning with 9 of the BEST BUS KIDS on the planet – that we are setting an example that others are not use to seeing. Stop – Think and Re-THINK about that statement…

We ARE setting an example that others ____ to seeing… Now fill in the blank. It rattled my cage this morning – truly realizing what Mike Lindsey and I prayed for last night (Saturday) in being the “Influence” that God would have us be in showing them Jesus today (Sunday). Those fellas – 3rd Graders – are not used to seeing a Husband (Dad) and Wife (Mother) together (PERIOD), much less, sharing what Christ has done for and through the two of us with them, teaching them the Bible – making each verse we learn come to life. We have the opportunity to show and live that example out for our B-Sunday School kids at Beacon Baptist Church that example – would you have that opportunity along with us? Am certain that Tim Rabon Jr. would love to know that, there’s room on the Bus!!! Here’s the link for the entire Series: http://delivertheword.com/leavingusanexample. What kind of example are we leaving…

Leaving Us An Example | http://delivertheword.com/leavingusanexample

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I Have A Tagline

Sometimes we make an impact on others by “accident” it is supposed by some, but many of us “know better”.  Who can remember being told by a parent after committing some childish act of one kind or another — “you should have known better than that…”  Well, if we knew “better” some of us would not have committed the act, then again there are folks like me.

Some years ago, 10+ or so, at the bottom of my e-mail signature, novel, thought provoking & profound statements picked up here and there were added.  For work especially, the sig statements developed into a following of sorts as they were changed at the first of each month.  Since March 2008, a Scripture verse has been added.  Now both of them have become a staple and expected part of my e-mail communications with thousands of people who receive e-mail throughout the year.

The statement has been stable for five (5)+ years now and is a very profound statement, here it is:

The giant oak is just an acorn that held its ground. — Mark Gilroy

The Scripture reference comes from James chapter four (4), verse ten (10), which is presented in the following:

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up. James 4:10 | King James Version

As has been countless times before, a phone call came from a woman named Sheryl needing an impossible favor, done yesterday, for a meeting she was WALKING in to – RIGHT THEN!  She was frantic to say the least and could not see how in the world such an insurmountable “task” could  be accomplished before she would be presenting to a conference room full of folks.

This challenge is one chosen to be a “race for the cause” – all the while not knowing she was full ready to resign from the committee assigned.  Fortunately all of what she needed was at my fingertips – each item identified explained and sent in sequence such that she could literally begin the presentation on-the-fly, she had not seen the material before…

After getting all of the necessary pieces compiled, documented in short form and in sequence sent to her, prepared a final e-mail telling her that any questions she might have or for anything else, to please contact me so that could be addressed without delay.  Remember those signature additions???  Not certain, Sheryl hadn’t made any comment before – but she saw them AND took note, literally!  In just a few replies, her words grew shorter and fewer – boiling down to these, after an e-mail telling her she was welcome:

I write only to say that your simple note below made my day — Sheryl

Over the course of the next day and a few e-mail exchanges with her and the council group who had gotten wind of how she had been helped, something even more amazing occurred… As time marched on, got a real prompting from the Holy Spirit to send Sheryl a photo/print via e-mail – thus it was so.  With only a note saying:

I hope this is the encouragement provoker it has been indicated it would be… William

Buckle down – this is where it can ONLY be the work of God Almighty!!!  The Lamb, an image that follows (and link):

The Lamb | Courtney Danielle Turner | May 30, 2012
Two Roads Site

It took a very few short period of time for a response to come back:

HOW in the world did you KNOW?! The flower is my favorite flower and COLOR – there is NO way you could have known! — Sheryl

My reply and continued e-mail exchange was simply Encouraging.  She was shocked that a Christian would take the time to assist her because all she had ever experienced was NOT Christian at all.

Sheryl even contacted the office where I work to tell them that while she was having one of the toughest times in her career, she was in amazement that someone she doesn’t even know would be so attune and open as a Christian.  Our office receptionist told her that she would be stunned to see and experience my office – which has over 100 prints on the walls which are an incredible display of both Scripture and botanical items on canvas, traditional printing and photographs.

There have been several other folks who have called and e-mailed because of the positive influence and Encouragement, wanting to know who is this person that is not afraid to share his Christianity.  Is God GOOD!?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  What better compliment could a person have?  An opportunity to Encourage… To Witness… To Share what Christ has done for me, through me and what can do through them  when they realize they need the Redeemer – all because Our Redeemer Liveth!!

For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth… Job 19:25 | King James Version

Who will need YOU today to see them, see their need of the Saviour and BE the Witness such that they KNOW that you LIVE for HIM???

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Ministry Introduction (r2)


The Encouragement Chronicles

Dear Fellow Believer,

There has never been a greater need for an effective, available means of Encouragement than there is today. That’s why I am particularly pleased to share with you that the Website DeliverTheWord.com has recently been brought on-line and is ready to be accessed by everyone who would wish to do so.

We all know that sites can come and go. While we are certainly excited to present this site to you, it is important to know that the people who this site represents have spent years preparing for the eventual debut you are witnessing just now.

This site was first developed in 2001 over which has gone through several periods of differing phases, which were building blocks for the site today. This final work has been purely a work of Encouragement fueled by prayer, fasting and biblical focus. There are a few individuals who know of the time, effort and utility this site represents, but the vast majority will have had little exposure.

Since we realize this will be new to many of you, it is important that an introduction be made. We are the Turner family of Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. My name is William, my wife is Melissa and our daughter is Courtney. We have been actively serving in the Ministry of our local church for over 10 years. The photography and design work is the product of our family. My wife and I are classically trained photographers, specifically in the areas of Zone 5 & 6 Photography heralded by Ansel Adams. The DeliverTheWord.com Website is maintained fully and personally funded by us and is the Encouragement Ministry of our family.

As we continue to serve the Lord through our local church and through the Ministry of Encouragement , we hope each of you will find our work to be one of value and use for your own Encouragement. Our goal in introducing this Website and in the most basic intent, a purely Christian tool, is to help you in the aid of how you will chose to Encourage others.

Would you join us in being an Encouragement to others? No doubt you have noticed that EVERY word that contains the slightest hint of Encourage in it is RED. If it were not for the Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – we’d have nothing to ENCOURAGE people with now would we?

We look forward to meeting the challenges and continuing to serve the Lord and Christian community with a truly unique and powerful Scripture based service! This leads to a request – to ask you to consider subscribing to The Encouragement Chronicles newsletter. To do so, click on “Sign Up For Newsletter” in the right hand navigation list on the Home page of DeliverTheWord.com.  Please feel free to share with whomever you will. There is NOTHING to order and certainly not anything to pay for. In the future we hope to make purchasing items available and high resolution photos available for download at a nominal fee.

Just think… There is a Series that has been made available for YOU to Encourage someone with – it’s FREE, it’s FAST, it’s SCRIPTURAL (KJV) and it’s RIGHT… Remember, that’s DeliverTheWord.com!

Because He Lives & Encourages Us,

William A. Turner

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We Are Ambassadors

We Are Ambassadors – Encouragement Series

Words cannot describe how much Melissa and I enjoy being the “pit crew” in the Ambassador’s Sunday School Class at Beacon Baptist Church! We are EXCITED to unveil and share with each of you a very special Ministry of Encouragement tool developed to be blessing to our class! It may be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time… and it is personal!


Most of us in the class know the story behind the special images created for Bro. Gray and Ms. Norma Bryant. It is out of that TRIUMPH that this Series has been created. Those moments of first hearing about the accident and tragedy, to the months of recovery that followed, we have first-hand discovered the power of Encouragement. We as a class were unified to petition for an audience with the God of Everything, on behalf of our class family for the purpose of seeing Him work. The images and artwork that makes up this Series were developed during that time and now comprise this special Encouragement package.

How To Access This Encouragement Tool

This Series is a premier addition to the DeliverTheWord.com Website which has been one that has been used to make up my own personal signature – after all, I am an Ambassador! The Series can be accessed by the link below:

We Are Ambassadors http://delivertheword.com/ambassadors

Purpose In Sharing

There are several hopeful goals in the purpose of sharing this Series with you. The first being to be an encouragement to you. A second would be to help you become an encouragement to others. The third is that this Series and Website would be something that you would want to share freely with all those that you know so they might be encouraged to do the same! Feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone you wish. May this be an e-mail that you don’t mind forwarding to everyone in your contact list…

“Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.”
II Corinthians 5:20 | King James Version

Sign Up for The Encouragement Chronicles

One of the ways that you can help us, as well as keep yourself updated on new and enhanced Encouragement Series, is to sign up for The Encouragement Chronicles! By doing so we can continue to share NEW Encouragement Series with you and keep you up to date on the developments, tools and capabilities of DeliverTheWord.com. To sign up, visit DeliverTheWord.com’s main page or click the link below to access the sign-up form:

http://delivertheword.com/sign-up | or E-mail: echronicles@delivertheword.com

Why This & Why Now

Why not? Is there a better time than right now? If not now, then when? If not you, then who? Will we be like Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Samuel, Eli in saying, “here am I?” Will we be like the certain disciple Ananias – saying “Behold, I am here, Lord” as is given to us in Acts 9:10 | KJV

“And there was a certain disciple at Damascus, named Ananias; and to him said the Lord in a vision, Ananias. And he said, Behold, I am here, Lord.” 
Acts 9:10 | King James Version

How much the more opportunity do we have to reach out and touch others as the disciple Ananias did? Now we have the opportunity to do so, by being the Ambassadors we already are!

Encouragement Delivery From You To Anyone!
Encouragements From God’s Holy Word

It’s Free | No Cost to Use | Preview of All Images | Scripture is KJV | Simple to Use
Always Available | Continually Updated
Serieshttp://delivertheword.com/ambassadors | Websitehttp://DeliverTheWord.com

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Wonderful Perspective

This very touching and very specifically designed series of prints are special for a number of reasons. First off, the person who preached the sermons with the Series headings, just so happens to have been my Youth Director/Pastor from Union Chapel Free Will Baptist Church while attending the 9th and 10th grades at Chocowinity High School. Yes – Chocowinity is spelled correctly… Rev. Jeff Jones is the Pastor of Hilltop Church in Fuquay-Varina (again, that is a correct spelling for those that are not in this neck of the woods). He knows personally about “seeing things in perspective”, as rough waters have been found his way, giving a “birds-eye perspective” with each of these prints.

Secondly, this very first print (with help from my daughter Courtney Turner) was designed and given to a VERY dear Brother of a Brother in our ministry. Bro. Bert (the dear Brother) was an outstanding and gifted viewer of perspective… Each of the series normally starts with a person in mind, as did this one, but as one begins to understand the “why” it is special, that’s when your heart is going to get changed. You see Bro. Bert died from Prostate Cancer and this one was the print that came directly from me to him. Even to the last, Bro. Bert kept an eye and heart on God’s perspective.

What perspective are you looking through? The original set hangs right here above my desk in the office, along with Bro. Bert’s original print – each day they are viewed and serve to remind me of both of these men’s lives. Bro. Bert has gone Home, Bro. Jeff continues to preach about us going There – the rest of this Series (which this is just one piece of a four (4) part set, can be found at: http://delivertheword.com/lessonsfromjob

Lessons From Job | http://delivertheword.com/lessonsfromjob

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Wait On The LORD

There comes along times in our lives where we may appear to have it going all right on the outside, then comes a circumstance, a situation, something that shakes us to the very core – that something where we are more than at a loss of words… A place where others have been that you know of, even some of them close to you, but when you close your eyes and open them again – this one is standing right in front of you and your heart is torn… That is exactly what this series is all about, something that you cannot do yourself, this kind of repair can only come by waiting, only by Him that can “Strengthen” the heart… For this, you must “Wait on the LORD”…

The “Strengthen Me Series” was born out of a series of Revival meetings, but they go MUCH deeper than that – it is personal – something that was personally needed, a reminder to me that others are in need of encouragement a whole scale above my own need. With the introduction of this series, the very first verse and the first photo are the one in preview on this page, a person was placed upon my heart and mind who I would find out later needed a tap on the heart. Maybe that heart is yours??? To see the rest of them, go to: http://delivertheword.com/strengthenme

Strengthen Me | http://delivertheword.com/strengthenme

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