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Great Is The LORD – Hallelujah!

Imagine it – a single word that in nearly every language it appears sounds exactly the same to the English word equivalent! A most POWERFUL word, which we know as Hallelujah – meaning to Praise the LORD! Many may think of the song/lyrics named Hallelujah, which at the very core is written on solid Bible footing – it reminds us of the struggles of Samson and King David, as well as ourselves. My desire is to think upon the daily, step by step places where we find ourselves. Do we, or it may be asked rather, have we ever, thought to Praise the LORD through every step in our lives? Here is a word – Hallelujah – that we can speak and carry through to many foreign lands – which can be understood, even when none of our other native tongue makes not one bit of sense to them. The tulip presented here is a VERY bright reminder that the colors that it displays come from within the bloom, folding out to display a magnificent array of color. We are much the say way – our faces, actions, goings, words, responses ARE a reflection of each one of our own hearts. Are we vibrant and beautiful such that God the Father will want to use us? Is the reflection on the outside a true representation of what is going on within you? Can you… Will you… Better yet – ARE you on the edge, of where you cannot do anything else but PRAISE HIM? Put Hallelujah into our “word stream” to see how deep it will run – He is GREAT, He is to be PRAISED – He is the LORD! To see the others, go to:  http://delivertheword.com/hallelujah

Hallelujah! Praise The LORD! | http://delivertheword.com/hallelujah

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The Gospel Is Directing

Ever taken the time to consider what the Gospel is to you? An exceptional reminder has been experienced in the past few days in preparing an incredible Series from several years ago entitled “Mini’s – The Tiny Encouragement Card Series” – a set of 65 small little announcement sized cards. Five of those cards have statements of what “The Gospel is…” The first, which is shown here, is of Foxgloves – a highly poisonous plant – which have an interesting characteristic of growing straight up, producing voluminous blooms along the way in a circular pattern in rich colors. The blooms first open pointing upwards, then finally sink over showing forth their beautiful interior, all to eventually dry up and fall off as the “head” heads further upward. Reminded me of what direction we should be looking. When the God of all creation looks down upon us, does He see us looking up to Him? Not at mind you, but rather up TO HIM. Does He see us yearning to be closer to Him? Does He see us Redeemed? Notice each of those questions use the word “see”… Like in the image shared here, it is about what we SEE – His Word is a LAMP unto my/your feet and a LIGHT unto my/your path. Are we looking to keep going up, leaving off the old self, constantly looking for what HE wants for us? My prayer is that we not be poisonous, but rather MORE beautiful than the Foxglove, letting the Gospel direct each one of us, directing every moment of our lives! To see more of these, go to: http://delivertheword.com/ministhetinycard

Mini’s – The Tiny Encouragement Card | http://delivertheword.com/ministhetinycard

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