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The Author And Finisher Of Our Faith

As I’ve been working on several Series pieces this week, proving the preached Word, Life’s Realities has been a recurring theme which has grown out of Psalm 23 in a most fascinating way! Here’s my question to each of us – Are we living Life in the Reality that Jesus is “The Author & Finisher Of Our Faith?” Are we living in the Reality that Christ for the Joy that was set before Him – Endured the Cross, Despising the Shame, AND is Set Down at the Right Hand of the Throne of God? There is an ACTION required… We are to be “Looking unto Jesus” as one of Life’s Realities for this to be so. Just what are your EYES looking unto??? Sure, you just read this – but what else have your eyes been gazing upon… Set your sight upon the King of Kings!

Life’s Realitieshttp://delivertheword.com/lifesrealities

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The LORD Is My Shepherd

What a powerful table was spread at Beacon Baptist Church last night!!! This past week has been a struggle for me on several levels, especially medically. The message ties to me, as it did David, in Psalm 23 by reminding me of my GREAT Shepherd – My Lord. The print shown here is a part of that reminder – because of the Blood of Christ I have been Redeemed. Can you relate to the Psalm, to David’s cry, identifying yourself for where you will dwell forever? How about sharing that identification with someone today! I just did to each of you and am in hopes that those who need to see you today, indeed do…

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