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Though It Be Tried With Fire

Are there days when trials seem to come in crashing waves, which are far greater than most other times of trial in your life? Imagine having those kinds of trials come every moment of your life, whether those be awake or the vain attempt to go to sleep! As the opportunity has presented itself, reflection is made on Bro. Kerby Campbell of Treasured Trials Ministry – he lives with constant pain every moment of his life. Each trial we face is one that can and most likely will be a “trial” of faith – YOUR‘s, which everyone else who is looking will “see” what you are made of – but there is a FAR more important trial taking place… A MUCH more precious trial pointing to the PRAISE, HONOR and GLORY at the appearing of the MOST important tester – the Lord Jesus Christ. This African Daisy is an example of a flower that can take some extreme punishment weather wise and flourish – the rest of the Series can be seen by going to: http://delivertheword.com/trialofyourfaith

Trial of Your Faith | http://delivertheword.com/trialofyourfaith

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Keep The Door Of My Lips

Sometimes when the thought of maturity comes across our minds, it concerns the things we say and consequently do, where others just happen to be there at the “right” moment… What about asking for assistance BEFORE it gets to that point, it sure would be MOST helpful for ME to have this happen FIRST! That is what this image is all about – before opening them lips, have them kept by Lord by constant communication with Him – showing forth Marks of a Mature Believer. For the remainder of the 15 in the series, check them out here: http://delivertheword.com/marksofamaturebeliever

Marks of a Mature Believer | http://delivertheword.com/marksofamaturebeliever

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