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Who Is Worthy To Be Praised

Ever look at a few verses of Scripture believing you have gotten a good power packed challenge… All to be challenged to look again, seeing something TOTALLY different? That is what this image is about – realizing that EACH and EVERY Word in the Bible is important. When we call on the LORD, are we expecting Him to be those things to us that we are “shown” in Scripture? I want to go each time EXPECTING, all to come away realized all of what my Deliverer has done for me – while sharing that realization with others. There’s an entire Series to look through – maybe set one of these as a background on your computer – see what folks say when they see what God is to YOU! http://delivertheword.com/callonthelord

Call On The Lord | http://delivertheword.com/callonthelord

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Let Your Light Shine Before Men

My mind cannot help but think back over the past few weeks into the past few months to the increased number of people we know who have lost love ones – for they will be heading into Christmas 2011 without them. Wonderfully we are reminded in God’s Word that “They Shall Be Comforted” in Matthew 5:4 | KJV. The set of verses which this one appears is often called the B-Attitudes. The verse states this: “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” May each of us remember that Christ came as a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes such that we would identify with Him to die on a cruel cross so we would have an identity and rose again that we might be identified as being His. Reach out to those who need a hand, a shoulder, someone to be comforted by – YOU may be the one God uses for them to be comforted. To see the rest of the Blessed Be Series, go to:http://delivertheword.com/blessed  Let us “Keepeth the Sayings”…

Blessed Series | http://delivertheword.com/blessed

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We Have Come Into This House

Nothing says “Christmas” time to me better than seeing Poinsettias – deep red ones, which remind me of MY Saviour’s sacrifice for ME… Christmas Carols are on our minds, coming forth from our lips at just the hint of the tune being played… A stirring this year has been the “announcements” of Churches being closed on Christmas – see if this print does something to your heart… Verse 3 is listed first – have an interest in seeing verse 1 and 2? Go here: http://delivertheword.com/lethim/music-prints  Notice the Poinsettias have been color changed… You will be too, that is what Christ does for each of us that Trusts Him. We Have Come… To Worship Him… We’ll See You At Church!

Whosoever Will, Let Himhttp://delivertheword.com/lethim

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