A Personal Ministry Which Encourages Many Others

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Anything worth doing, is worth doing well and should be done as if it were the last thing one would ever do.  A person’s character will show through plainly and honestly when they are not concerned about who “else” is watching when they decide to do that action as “unto the Lord” – that makes ALL the difference.  What Micaiah said in II Chronicles 18:13 | KJV is what is desired to be said “As the LORD liveth, even what my God saith, that will I speak.”  It is personal for me, something that is wrapped up in so much of what is personally done.  The artwork on the DeliverTheWord.com sites each have a story, most of which are VERY dear to me, not just because of the knowing of what brought them about – but who those people are…  They declare that they have been Encouraged, all the while not realizing that they have helped me draw a little closer to God the Father through His Word and realize what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for each of us as our Redeemer.  This has been my passion, drive and focus since May 2003.


A Ministry of Encouragement – plain and simple what it states, that is what DeliverTheWord.com is and was created to be – for there are WAY too many other things that weigh down our goings through any given day, it is what is done every day…  It has taken a long time to “realize” it, as it were, the responsibility lain in my hands and the talents to do so, it is humbleness that this site has come into existence.  It is hoped that many others will discover what has been so plainly put before each finder of this site, with each of us being willing to pick up the “racing baton” doing our part to spread the news of the existence, sharing it with each and everyone we know.


Each of us would most likely agree that we want to “speak Encouraging words” to others, for we certainly are blessed when we hear Encouragements rather than discouragements!  Every facet of the DeliverTheWord.com sites, from each Series, Projects, Features and Sites – is engineered to do ONE thing and ONE thing ONLY: ENCOURAGEMENT.


In review of this page especially, garnered an interesting perspective – while very FEW of the designed items have been for us specifically, we have them positively everywhere – they are in every room in our home, at the office, on computers as backgrounds…  While the intention has been to Encourage others that don’t know us, we have found they are making it into our normal gift giving – even to a point of daily giving, as to Encourage daily!  We are real proof that we each can Encourage, Lift Up and Live The Talk each and every day we live.

These tools and sites have been crafted with YOU in mind – so that YOU can say, just as we have been able to say — this is a “Ministry Which Encourages Many Others” — together we can impact the entire world…

Please consider donating to this cause of Encouragement.  For those that have donated previously, THANK YOU – even that isn’t quite enough to express our appreciation and gratification of your doing so.

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