It is amazing, to me at least, how when we as Christians take the time to study God’s Word with a specific thought or idea in mind, can have it changed by the Holy Spirit.  It began with a simple list which had crossed my radar a while back about “God as Revealed in Daniel” was given a focus in taking a look at just one single book of the Bible, Daniel – in the Old Testament. Is it, or would it be, possible to take any book of the sixty-six (66) that make up the Bible, God’s Holy Word – to provide a Revealing of God?

To answer this question, we need to get a definition of a couple of words: defining and revealing. There are those who might think that what is being referred to is something new or a revelation – that is NOT what is being explained here.

de•fin•ing | accurately identifying the nature, properties and qualities of our LORD
re•veal•ed | making known those things in and of His Will which were hidden or unknown before

Once we understand that we are seeking the LORD and what His Will is for our lives through the reading and studying of the Bible, the purpose of this Series will EXPLODE like fireworks, giving a manner of looking at our lives to see how Wonderful He has been to us-ward.

Identifying & Making Known

Digging through what was already known provided me something astounding, in a wrong manner, the material which the basis/premise was being developed from, had glaring mistakes included.  For a short time, focusing on that detail caused me to question the validity of the process, so much so that I put my pen down to clear my mind of the clutter that was building up around the mistakes.  It was then that the realization that two words were missing, not overlooked, but completely missing – the first and last words of the now finished Series: de•fin•ing and re•veal•ed.

As defined above/previous to this section, we should be seeking the LORD in, about and around everything we do as Christians – how will we Know Him if we don’t speak and listen to Him? In each passage/book considered in the Bible – the words of this Series should lend themselves to discovering what that writer/writers which penned the Book under inspiration of God was instructed to share. We MUST be faithful to keep ourselves in the Book, submersed in it, willing to be changed by it.

The Holy Spirit will make known what the LORD has in store with each passage, even using the same passage over and over again for related or unrelated lessons learned.  One of the most important of those lessons is the factor that He is ALIVE!  We should be able to see His living, giving life or securing life in every passage we read, ponder, study and take in as our own.



This Series not only defines the words, but makes application of them through verses of Scripture through and in the life of Daniel.  Each of the eleven (11) words have specific events, times and happenings where we can see His Provision and Declaration made in real peoples lives.  We need to be reminded that the Bible is full of REAL people, living REAL lives, getting into REAL messes and making the choice to Trust the LORD in REAL Life.


The following thirteen (13) words are utilized in this Series a provided in syllable format, broken down into word parts for us to be reminded that we work in parts too.  When we correctly define the words and make much over Who He is – He is Faithful to Reveal to us what we are to be doing for Him, as He provides in abundant supply the tools needed to do so.

Syllable Separation Wording

de•fin•ing | accurately identifying the nature, properties and qualities of our LORD

awe•some | e•ter•nal | for•giv•ing | great | liv•ing
mer•ci•ful | might•y | pow•er•ful | right•eous | sov•er•eign | wise

re•veal•ed | making known those things in and of His Will which were hidden or unknown before

For this Series, we have the incredible opportunity to see how God works through the lives of people in the Book of Daniel from the Old Testament in the Bible.  In just one Book of the Bible the LORD puts before us a consideration of an thirteen (13) layer sandwich, comprised of two pieces of proverbial bread [Defining and Revealed] and the remaining eleven (11) pieces of proverbial meat [from awesome to wise].  Now that I think about it, it is a Spiritual Manna for Believers today, which we should have consumption of regularly. As Easter has just occurred in the past few days of this Series being finalized, “liv•ing” is an ALL important Defining to be Revealed which we should share with everyone we meet – saved people need the Encouragement and unsaved folks need to SEE it in action.  We serve a RISEN Saviour, God is NOT dead – He is a-liv•ing!!!

Defining God as He is Revealed |

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