Decisions are most often made from reviewing things that we have learned, to which we make assumptions about the outcome of the action that is considered. For the Christian, learning involves “something” else that the world does not consider, our Trust in God, our Saviour and indwelling of the Holy Spirit. But what about how we think when tragedy strikes? Consider God’s Servant Job – a tragedy of and about everything but his life. In the end, because he Trusted and kept trusting, at the time of his passing, he had lived a full life as is noted in Job 42:16-17

After this lived Job an hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons’ sons, even four generations. So Job died, being old and full of days.
Job 42:16-17 | King James Version

Preacher Curtis Linton presented those two verses as a springboard into sharing what we should do when things don’t go our way, don’t turn out right and seemingly fail miserably despite our best effort. In doing so, it is critical that we connect what we have to learn with Trusting God, even when things seem to go all wrong.


The way we answer this question, changes everything…

“How Do You Live, Till You Die?” -Preacher Curtis Linton

This Series seeks to present How to…

“Really Live till you die… not just to eek by… having a full, fruitful and productive life.” -Preacher Curtis Linton

Sounds like a wonderful, simple, meaningful life, right? When things are going well, our lives tend to be fabulous, but what happens when “problems” arise? A Christian has a few things to learn when the bottom falls out of life.  These items are fully contrary to the world response in life.

We have to learn…

  • to have Praise in the Midst of Our Problems
  • to Trust in the Midst of Tragedy
  • to have Commitment in the Midst of Crisis

How can we as Children of the King learn to Praise, Trust and have Commitment in the face of such trouble? We MUST Trust God in these times, as in the following:

Trust God…

  • Even When Things Go Wrong
  • Even When People Disappoint You And Break Your Heart
  • Even When He Mystifies Us
  • Even When We Cannot See Your Hand, Trust Your Heart

Life is full of challenges, not all bad for sure, but they are definitely NOT a bed of roses, unless you consider the thorns…

We must remember that He is with us, no matter where we are, as Christians!

There are SO many things to consider in this Series – it is almost too hard to choose the launching point for it.

To Live

Learn to Praise, to Trust, and to have Commitment
Consider being Glad and Rejoicing
Be Blessed By Abundant Mercy
Exalt His Name Above All Names
Trust He Will Direct
Decide THAT is WHAT my FAMILY has DECIDED to DO!

Believers sometimes lose perspective of the end result of our lives because we are SO tied up in the situation and have even been told that Salvation of the Sinner brings about a perfect life without challenges, hurts or setbacks – which is NOT true.  We have the Blessed Assurance that He is ours, that He will NEVER forsake or leave us and that whatever we face, we’ll do so with His Indwelling Spirit. Nowhere in Scripture are we shown or given indication that the Christian Life would be made “perfect” or without “challenges”. Deciding to Live is an incredible statement – with the good, bad, the ugly and ALL of the good – living it out is a WHOLE different matter. I choose Christ and trust Him, for I have learned to Trust Him and Live!

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