Each and every Bible study has a special meaning for me, as they would with anyone that would be in love with the Lovely Lord, but there are those times when it is not my toes that need stomped on, nor is it that I need to have my hands slapped… It is in those times when my heart is taken back, where God really goes to work on me.  This is one of those Series which is a subset of a larger consideration of two words “end” and “begin”.  At first it may seem that they are out of order, but is is assuredly not so in this case – there is a time which is coming to an end and a new time/direction which is beginning to become very clear to me.  It is this consideration that I’ve had to “Consider the work of God”.

Beginning of the End

Change is probably one of the most difficult things in anyone’s life to handle, working through such a time can evoke in even the most calm person an apprehension which is unsettling.  Knowing that through the uncertainty will come an expected calm, growth and greater joy makes those times have a little less sting, but the process is still troubling to wade through.  Solomon definitely speaks of dark days in Ecclesiastes chapter 7, which happens to be where the Holy Spirit directed me, not only for this Series but for a personal study to apply to my own self.

For those that know me, they know that change is not particularly something that I’d sign up for and be thrilled it was happening – even less so if the change has to start with me.  Sometimes though, Christians can hang on to things, until they have to be pried from their hands, so to speak, before they let go after a long unfruitful battle.  We can “care” so much for the thing, place, people, situations that we completely forget to ask our Heavenly Father what He is doing in the process.  We might even go so far as to ask, but be unwilling to listen or consider the answer which is given time and again, because we’ve made up our minds of how we want it to be handled instead of following the leading of the Holy Spirit’s direction in the matter.


This Series is a reminder to me first that I cannot possibly see all of what my Lord is doing – because He is not just working in and through me, but also in and through others – there are plans and His Will for each person, every group and entity involved – which we are not privileged to know, see and be aware of being so.  We sometimes are wanting to be the brute strength, as in verse 19, of ten mighty men, where what God really wants us to do is gain wisdom in the situation we are facing, not attack it with all we think we have in us.  We do not have to figure it all out, God already KNOWS!


Each of the verses in this Series should serve as a reminder to us that we as Christians need to “Consider the work of God” and what He is doing before we take off into the big blue yonder thinking we know what is best to “work on”. There are eight (8) items for us to consider before we do so…

Consideration List

01 | Consider God
02 | Be Joyful
03 | Be Not Over Wise
04 | Neither Be
05 | Strengtheneth
06 | Sinneth Not
07 | Take No Heed
08 | That Which Is

A couple of these no doubt will be odd at first, but am trusting they will make more sense once an interest is peaked to look at them in context of the verses on which they are based.  Some of the things we hear, we should not be listening, yet at other times we aren’t listening to what we need to hear.  It is tough, am in the middle of one right now, where I’ve had to “Consider the Work of God” the way He sees, not in the manner that I’d prefer.  Each of us have MUCH to do for the Lord of the Harvest. Will you “Consider”, along with me and countless others who are working for the King of Kings, to do “the Work of God” in our daily lives, wherever, whenever that may take each of us? So little time, so much to do within the consideration of it…

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