Indeed this is a MOST special Series, one which no one who was in the influence range of hearing it, has any excuse of saying that they didn’t “get” what was being said.  What an incredible thing to say about the Word of God being preached!  For those who might as we suppose it – chew and meditate on it – there is NO walking away unchanged.  Everyone deals with the concept and work-a-day world concept of being “criticized” or being “the one who criticizes” others – which none of us truly likes – both of the positions are painful…

Powerful Lesson and Biblical Truth About Criticism

This series, “Consider the Source”, is a result from one of our Associate Pastoral Staff members preaching a heartfelt message which make it par for the course for putting onto the Website. Bro. Dwight, you ask for it by leaving the door open – I just walked through it… It is a rather unique set of prints, images and backgrounds as they are actually split into 3 different sets in one.

By Way of Challenge

While not called by the same name, the concept is built around the VERY real challenge of “Responding in Light of the Scriptures”! The three developed sets is derived from the following thoughts:

  • Listening – Being Willing to Attend, Hearing the Truth
  • Learning – Realizing that You are Able to Pray Continually
  • Perspective – Gaining the Proper View & Leaving it to the Lord

Basis for Series

The basis for this series follows the introduction of the sermon, which Bro. Dwight put forth before getting to the heart of the mess – you will agree that it was a WHALLOP of an introduction!

Criticism: Responding in Light of Scripture

  1. Comes when we least need it
  2. Comes from the least qualified to give it
  3. Comes in a form that is least helpful

Doesn’t it always seem to be that way? Just when you don’t think you can handle one more thing or hear one more person tell you what is being done incorrectly… There they are – standing right in front of you – just waiting to see how you are going to handle, expecting this reaction or that reaction to what is going to be said about this or that.

Before the Main Message

Keep in mind… ALL of this came before he got into the “Main Message” – talk about WOW and AMEN – that is exactly what this should be for everyone. No one escapes from this challenge – an ever present wave of “Criticism”… The only changes made to his pre-delivery message were the words in his “by-line” as the saying goes – here is the enhanced one:

Responding in Light of the Scriptures

Beginning with Excerpts

Each of the prints has different Scripture references/verses, as well as an “excerpt”, which is the concept presentation of the print. They are conveyors of the thought behind each area or sets of prints. Presenting the short form of the prints message is critical and thought provoking – all of them pointing to the “Source” which we need to “Consider” in everything we do…

Bottoming It Out

Print available size is currently 1024×768 and 1280×1024. Each print design has the Scripture reference presented in King James Version text from which the hymn was written. Development date of this series: October 18, 2011.


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