Series Four | Overview


Series Four | The Four Areas

There are whopping twenty-eight (28) designs or images which were developed for this series named: One Holy Night.  They are split into four different and distinct areas which are comprised of the following:

  • Sayings
  • Scriptures
  • Poems
  • Music

There never seems to be enough time to get everything done, especially getting everyone a special Christmas card with just what you want to convey to them.  Many hours can be expended just looking at all of them, trying to take into account whether or not they actually have anything remotely related to Christmas in the message – even if it is printed on the BACK!  Something that drives me to do these is this simple statement:

“The Gift of Christmas is a Precious Reminder that We are Loved!”

Each of these designs incorporate a focus on the “Who” the gift has been given and to “Whom” it has been delivered – God’s Gift of Christ to Each of Us…

Design Features

A vast array of design features have been incorporated in the design of these images…

Taking A Look At Each Area For The Series


  1. May You Feel God’s…
  2. Faith Makes…
  3. A Silent Night…
  4. May Your Heart…
  5. May Joy…


  1. This day… Luke 2:11
  2. We have… Matthew 2:2
  3. For unto… Isaiah 9:6
  4. And suddenly… Luke 2:13
  5. The Song… Luke 2:14
  6. And there… Luke 2:8-9
  7. She shall… Matthew 1:21
  8. Behold… Luke 2:10


  1. Christmas Bells
  2. Traditional English Poem
  3. Christ’s Nativity
  4. And All the Angels
  5. Ring Out, Wild Bells
  6. We Saw A Light
  7. While Shepherds Watched
  8. The Three Kings
  9. Angels From The Realms of Glory
  10. Christians Awake


  1. Hark The Herald
  2. Christmas Bells
  3. On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity
  4. A Hymn of the Nativity
  5. Music on Christmas Morning

Using These Pieces

The addition of these designs vastly expands the images available through to share with others in wishing them the very best of the Celebration we have as Christians – indeed it did happen on One Holy Night.


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