First things first, yes this Series has butterflies in it – which has meaning and purpose.  The person who this Series was jump-started by in a Facebook post had our Sunday School Class over to her and her husbands house some time back – one of the memories from that time was the fluttering butterflies.  No one else may have had any distinct remembrance of them, it stuck with me. As soon as I read the post and her comment for it – my mind went to churning. Her comment is as follows:

“Love that Isaiah Chapter 12 was my Bible reading this morning! It echoes the song in my heart today!”

It is amazing when we hit an entire chapter, many times they are short, sweet and to the point.  This chapter is no less a contender to be on point. Mrs. Lin knew it applied to her and we can too!

Seeing The Point

Great, indeed, is the Holy One.  There is GREAT Promise in these verses of Scripture, which apply to a sinner (unsaved), newly saved and many years a Saint (still imperfect). All the bases are covered in this truly sure, Song of Praise. To many a surprise, they have Him as their strength, but miss the full joy of having Him as their SONG!

It can be troubling to see Him, when we know we are in trouble, possibly from an askew step, which becomes WAY off course. By this time, we have guilt set up as our factor of consideration, not realizing that IF we’d had Him as our Day-song, the misstep would not have been taken and there would be no mess to clean up and relationships to repair because of it.


No matter where we think we find ourselves, this short six verse chapter of Scripture can quickly allow us to see the Forgiving Grace our Heavenly Father will provide, we just need to put down those things that have our attention – and learn to sing…


While the study for this Series is MUCH larger than is even began to be shown here, there are six verses to learn.

Having a Chapter Twelve Day

Verse 1 | Praise & Comfort
Verse 2 | Trust, Strength, Song & Salvation
Verse 3 | Joy & Water
Verse 4 | Praise, Declare & Exalt
Verse 5 | Sing, Excellent & Know
Verse 6 | Great Holy One

Having a day that is “all over the map” so to speak?  Who is your guide? Are you having to listen to something to drown out having to thinking about it?  Or rather, are you exiling yourself from others so you cannot hear them? No matter where you find yourself, it is possible to sing. Is there a possibility that you don’t remember how?  When you are having a tough day and the walk through it seems to be without end, consider having a “Chapter Twelve Day” – a smile just ripped across my face, because I’ve had a few of those days myself.  It is possible to have this kind of day, every day – read the verses – it covers just about every kind of day we could have… Somewhere in between the start of verse 1 and the ending of verse 6 is someone’s day.  This Series print will go up on my wall as I consider singing it to Him and sharing it with others! THANK YOU Mrs. Lin for sharing your heart so I could catch it too!

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