All of the elements of this little, power packed Encouragement Series, are soaked in the Cross being where everyone can begin a changed life, in the exact same manner – at the Foot of the Cross.  There are no other “short cuts” to get to Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World – besides He didn’t take any either, He DIED on that Cross for You, Me and Everyone that would ever exist with the ability to choose. We as Christians have an awesome responsibility to tell others, which is what began my thinking on the matter of these simple, but powerful statements:

The World Needs the Love and Redemption of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The Blood of Jesus Still Saves. It Changes Men, Women, Boys & Girls Completely.

Are we doing what we have been commanded to do, in presenting the Gospel to others in the manner in which our Heavenly Father has gifted and equipped us to be doing? We’ve each been changed as Believers and make Declaration of that Change by exercising our Faith, but what about those who see us each and every day?  Do they see a difference in us, other than, of course, dressing up and heading to church on Sunday morning? Evenings when we can… Wednesdays when we feel like it or a “special speaker” has been announced who interests us? Can others see, smell, touch, and feel the manner and impact of the Cross in our lives?  Is it possible to show how the Cross has Changed us?

Cross Changed?

The idea of a CC in an e-mail is to “carbon copy” another person in on the EXACT same material as one is sending to the primary e-mail recipient.  The original person who is intended to receive the e-mail can easily see who “else” got the “memo” for whatever is being sent in that specific e-mail.  Different in that of the BCC, which is a Blind Carbon Copy that the intended recipient cannot tell who they might be, is that everyone knows who the person(s) is/are.  This example is used to express the concept because Salvation is provided for us to be “like” Christ – a mirror image which we have expressed to us in the Bible, through Holy Spirit Guidance and the Heavenly Fathers Provision.

In essence we have a perfect CC’d message to God the Father, as when we accept Jesus as our Saviour, we get added to the Lamb’s Book of Life and EVERYONE can know it!


As this is the most important change of a Christian’s life, we should WANT to let others know how they can be afforded the same opportunity, right? We have Peace – we do want others to know Peace, right?  We have Joy – we do want others to experience Joy in their lives, right? We have Love, one for another – we do have the desire that others know what real Love is, right? The Cross depicts the Best Love Story of the Ages, Jesus Christ giving His Life for all who would EVER exist, so that we could be Changed and Melded into the Image of the Father.


My question to each person who has the opportunity to land on this Series by whatever avenue they have found it is this, “Have You Been CC’d?”


The following list contains eight (8) areas in which Jesus shows us through God’s Holy Word that the Cross is where Forgiveness, Redemption and Salvation are found.

It’s All About The Cross

Change For Everyone
On The Cross
Power Of God
Save In The Cross
One Body By The Cross
Every Knee Shall Bow
Reconcile All Things
Endured The Cross

In a day and time where folks are willing to try anything to achieve view they want others to have of them, it is difficult at times to differentiate between what is being shown off and what is real Salvation experience.  It is my desire for people to clearly see that I’ve been CC’d in every aspect of my life – from my family, coworkers, friends, peers, those that have authority over me… all the way to folks that I’ve got influence, whether that be direct or indirectly. My desire is that others, even without knowing the what, why, where, when and how, KNOW that I’m a Christian because of my continued submission to the emulation of Christ in my life. When I speak, those words should be lovingly shared, such that they have a drawing factor to them, pointing to the Cross.  Where I go, should be without reproach, to those who are watching, inquisitive and even when they have the desire to ensnare – the Cross in my life should well visible. How I compose myself, must be reflective of what the Holy Spirit is projecting in me – as the Cross must be visible in service.  My Salvation is a Cross matter, for the One who Provided me with the Choice, GAVE His LIFE to provide it for me. I want others to see my CC’d life is different, desirable and attainable – not through me, rather through the Person Who Died on that Cross – and ROSE AGAIN, making it available to Absolutely Everyone.

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