The Extensive Collections are truly a labor of love, ranging from 25 to how ever many it takes to make it complete.

8x10 Landscape T01-OurAltar_AltarOfSacrifice_8x10L_v1_04-RGB
ABCs of Praying for Others Altar of Sacrifice
According To Your Faith And He Shall Be Called
A01-TheLordIsGracious_AnIncorruptibleSeed_8x10L_v1_05-RGB 11-BeFollowers-DSCN0658_AValentineToRemember_8x10L_v2_08-135
An Incorruptible Seed A Valentine to Remember
Call On The Lord Consider The Source
01-Worried-ForTheToughTimes_8x10_v1_04-135 01-ABLE_FOURLetterWords_X7_8x10L_v1_08-RGB
For The Tough Times FOUR Letter Words
8x10 Landscape WISDOM_FullAndCompleteDevotion_8x10L_v1_03-Main-RGB
From Suffering To Hope Full & Complete Devotion
03-Goodness_GraceWinsEveryTime_X7_8x10L_v1_05-135 01-IsGreatMercy_HisMercy_8x10L_v1_09-RGB
Grace Wins, Every Time! His Mercy
MAIN-00-Worship-HowAreWeToWorship_X7_8x10L_v1_06-135 W00-ThemePrint_ItIsWellWithMySoul-8x10L_v1_15-135
How Are We To Worship It Is Well With My Soul
Jesus Is. Leaving Us An Example
8x10 Landscape
Light Of The World Look And Wait
Made Real By Faith
Making A Joyful Noise Mini’s – The Tiny Encouragement Card
8x10 Landscape Oakes Daylilies 2009 - 135
Moment By Moment Oakes Daylilies Festival 2009
00-Theme_PavedByFaithAndTrust_8x10L_v1_02-RGB 01-PrayAgainMain-PrayAgain-8x10L-v1-13-RGB
Paved by Faith & Trust Pray Again!
The Attributes of Our God The Fruit of The Spirit
The King Had Spoken
The Love of God What Is Required Of You?
Who I Am In Christ Whosoever Will, Let Him