In beginning this Series a particular person hadn’t really become clear to me as to who this one would be in need of it – for there has always been a focus person, situation or circumstance in developing each one.  Little did I realize that a mirror would be needed for this one – for on this day I’ve lost a Good Man, the highest honor given a man in the Bible. With this Series it has come full around to reminding me of this song as I’ve lost a DEAR Friend, Mentor and Encourager.

Two men this week have gone on to Glory, leaving behind a rich legacy of both Christian Faith and Service.  Both of these men leave behind spouses of character, honesty and virtue – who no doubt know that they were adored by their husbands.  We focus on these things because they are what we have right here and right now – we can touch, help, move and protect those things, as we should do for certain.  My focus for a few moments will be on what they so clearly wanted others to be looking forward to after this life is gone away.

What Are You Looking For in Beulah?

Beulah can mean different things, places to many people – but we need the real sense of it, the Bride of Christ. Beulah Land is referring to God’s Heaven, which is the beginning of Eternity at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. So the question could be posed this way… Who will you be expecting and have assurance of being there in Heaven when we are gathered as Christ’s Bride called to the largest gathering of any and all peoples who have Trusted Him?

Do we truly expect to see our loved ones who have Trusted upon the Lord Jesus and have gone on before us? Do we Believe it? Of all those that you know, care for and work around – how many of them know you and I are Christians? Do they see Beulah in our lives?  It is not a scavenger hunt mindset, it is a daily living proof of the Holy Spirit resident in us that should be seen in each and every thing we do. We want others to see Heaven in and through us – just as these two men I speak of doing in their lives.


One will not be able to find anything in Beulah that doesn’t belong there, nor will there be any person there that , save those that the Lord Jesus Christ has allowed in His Wisdom, that has not accepted Him as Saviour, King and Lord. The two Good Men that I speak of, are there because of God’s Provision of a Saviour and each of them accepting Jesus as their own person Saviour.


There are nine (9) passages of Scripture used in this Series which give snippets of things we as Christians should be looking toward and Praising our Lord for the providing of for our sake.

Snippets of Things

Thy Land | Longing | Looking | Glorious Appearing
Throne | Follow | Keep | Abide | Heaven

No matter what time of the year it is, losing someone close to you – whether that be a family member or a person who has become like family to you – can be difficult to accept even under the most understanding circumstances.  Knowing that loved one is Born Again, having accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, is the single MOST important live choice item there is – for it is a matter of Eternal destination.  The influences that others have on our lives can be more profound than we may realize until we do not have that person in a place to make those influences however they may be involved in our lives. From one incredible couple’s absolute youthful fancies for surprise to another caring couple’s profound reach into our family life, Beulah Land got a little easier to sing and a WHOLE lot SWEETER.  Are you and I being that someone to another person, couple or family? From Alabama, North Carolina & New York – two families made a difference in our lives, because two Good Christian Men were willing to share, invest and care for others outside of their immediate family into not only my life, but my wife and daughters as well.

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