This series continues the use of a very ornate cross, melded to a set of prints which has several different presentations, all driven from “Be Strong In The Lord” as taken from a familiar passage for many of us, Ephesians 6 verses 7, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, 23 & 24.  As the sermon that this study came out of points out, we are to be:

Strong For Service

Strong For Suffering

Strong For Fighting

Each of the verses for this series are set to one of God’s most intriguing creations by way of struggle, the butterfly.  Just as we have to be tried in fire to come forth as gold (Bro. Ron Hamilton sings this truth in the most applied manner I’ve ever heard), the butterfly begins it’s life in what appears to us to be an extreme struggle, coming out in the end one of the most ornate and beautiful things to look upon.

Images For This Series

Seven (7) of the eight (8) images used in this series were taken at the Magic Wings Butterfly House at the Museum of Life & Science in Durham, North Carolina.  Each of the prints have the cross color coordinated with a color taken from the butterfly it is matched.

Added to the prints, there are additional statement/Scripture items, which have the entire package of verses listed on them.


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