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Encouragements By His Word Series

07 Oct


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Courage is not only a mindset, but it should be a “heartset” consideration for each of us. In preparing this Series, a very specific person came to mind, which the Holy Spirit prompted me to follow through to remind them to “Be of Good Courage” right in the middle of their situation of heartache. I’ve learned not to “wrangle” with the prompting, although it would have to be admitted that sometimes a distraction can make way of a stray…

Most often courage is associated with struggle, bravery, difficulties and suffering.  Found one definition of courage to be “obsolete”, which states that:

kur-ij, kuhr]

the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.
the heart as the source of emotion.

Each of us of course respond to our daily challenges in different ways, whether in response to a belief that is challenged or a conviction which we are faced with defending because of ridicule and criticism. The world would have us believe that we have to “do” this thing or that to increase our “ability” to face those things that beset us… While those things appear to be “good” on the onset, there is likely a problem area we need to examine in ourselves a little closer to us than we may consider – TRUST.

Trusting is a multifaceted act which is built over time in order to better and more fully understand. It is something that we can demonstrate to others, even without saying a word – giving credence to the cliché “actions speak louder than words.”  Trusting can also be seen in our speaking, how we convey dissatisfaction or even satisfaction on a matter that controversial or in support of the Word of God.

We can also strengthen others, provide solidarity and resolve by keeping our hope in the Lord and waiting for His answer, realizing it is His to answer to begin with, for His ability is not plagued with our weaknesses.  Rather, He is where our strength originates.  It is interesting that the purest use of the word “courage” would almost be untraceable if it we were to not look it up in the Old Testament – which is where all seven (7) of the verses originate for this Series.

Surely we as Christians would want to “Be of Good Courage” to all those around us, for He promises to strengthen our own hearts and has given us the Hope of all generations. Speak of Him as “My God”, “My Redeemer”, My Good Courage” noticing that change in us as we seek to serve Him!

Challenge of the Word

These seven (7) words give us a “short version” of the Scripture verses used in the Series – they help me realize they are not only instructions, they are promises that He can and will keep for even ME!

  1. Strong
  2. Behave
  3. Fear Not
  4. Arise
  5. Wait
  6. Hope
  7. Help



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