Oh, how a little phrase can make SO much sense, where it at first just seemed be too simple to be of any significance.  For the ages, people have been trying to complicate the process of Salvation, the manner in which anyone can be Saved and how to live the Christian Life.  The message which this Series is drawn and has been proven by God’s Word involves three verses and three words, they are the following:

[Know] Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [Hear] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. [See] Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil.
Proverbs 3:5-7 | King James Version

Hear, See & Know

Oftentimes we believe that we already have the answer to a challenge because we have experienced it before, have seen someone go through something like it or maybe have helped someone through a situation similar to the one being observed.  Just this past Sunday got the opportunity to see this and put this into practice.  By having this exposure put into place, it helped me to rely on God the Father to give me wisdom, a clear line of hearing and understanding from the Holy Spirit and have the compassion as Christ has taught us to have in His Example.

Experiencing This First Hand

We most likely are familiar with the tale that is told that usually involves a monkey that visually indicates three things: little monkey be careful what you see, be careful what you hear and be careful what you say.  They are typically depicted by the monkey having his hands over his eyes, over his ears and over his mouth.  Other manners would say it this way – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  People may not realize just how many things that we are exposed to actually have a grounding in the Word of God.

A Brother in Christ shared with me some of the difficulties that were being experienced in a family situation which had been building up over years of time, which unfortunately have resulted in the very least a temporary splitting of a family unit.  As he spoke and shared his heart, the response formulating inside of me became more and more Bible based and a sense of gentleness was eased into about the matter – more of a listening roll really.  Responding to this dear friend and Brother in Christ caused him to stop and look at me – then tell me “Thank You for listening and not judging…”  My response to him was that looking at it from a biblical perspective lets me know that much work may need to be done, but I’m no match for the Word of God being gently used to Encourage rather than what so many want to make of it into a weapon.


The situation will require all three of these to be true, we must be willing to Hear the Holy Spirit speaking to us right where we are, we need to be able to see the way He Sees and make the effort to understand that God the Father will orchestrate what is necessary to cause the right place, part and action to occur for the Believer to return to Him.  It is indeed Him that is to get the Honor, Glory and Praise.  We Honor Him by Trusting in Him.  We bring Him Glory when we acknowledge Him, letting him direct.  We give Him Praise as we follow him through His eyes, not the ones of our own.  While many may think that is a tall order, it actually is the least He asks of us.


There are three items which we would do well to keep in mind as we approach everything in our daily lives… There will be folks that might disagree, but take a look at the three to see if you would say “I got this…” or would prefer to have the Help of the Creator of Everything with that situation that needs resolution.

The Three in Degree

Don’t Always Believe What You HEAR.
Don’t Always Believe What You SEE.
Don’t Always Believe What You KNOW.

There are more times than I’d care to admit or even contemplate discussing where decisions were made based upon what was heard, seen or thought was known, all to have the situation cause such trouble and chaos – where if I’d just listened to the Holy Spirit prompting me, none of it would have gotten so jumbled up. When a Promise is given you through God’s Word, the Holy Spirit prompting or an answer is given in action, Believe Him. Oh would that each of us would prayerfully and actively adopt this Promise we are Given, the world would be a different place because of Him.  Who today needs to see you depending on the Son of God you Trusted for Salvation, so they will learn this process in real time as God the Father pricks their heart and draws them in to Himself, such that they will depend on Him also.

Be Not Afraid – Only Believe |

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