This Series and the photos chosen for them have an interesting storyline – which is summed up in just these few words:

Our Heavenly Father Knows

We as Christians may not think that it is that simple with Him as we live sometimes very complicated lives, with ever more difficult circumstances, which weave into the fabric of our lives.  God the Father tells us that He Knows what is going on with, in and around us already in the very first verse used as the defining print, from Isaiah 65:24 | KJV:

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.
Isaiah 65:24 | King James Version

Before Our Knowing

The verses of this Series build into a story put together with vibrant buds which have bloomed into distinctive and attention getting flowers and blooms. He Promises to Answer us and Hear us, even when like Job, we may not understand why the events, actions taken and seeming injustice are happening around us. Even before we have a glimpse into why this or that is happening, our Gracious Heavenly Father knows all about it.

How many times have you heard, along with me, that phrase of all phrases “hindsight is always 20/20” or some close variant?  Wouldn’t it be GREAT to have foresight be just a tad more CLEAR instead of the 800/20 as it appears at times to be?! That has much to do with how this Series has been developed – the words of the Scriptures have been masked or purposefully tucked into the photographs, not hidden so much as to not found, mimicking the closeness we need to have with our Saviour in order to say these verses with Faith.


As one takes a look at each print, the text becomes less aloof and can be found without too much over inspection.  The closer we are to walking and having a daily relationship with our Saviour, the easier it will be to see the Word of God as it Speaks to us through the Holy Spirit.  We will then have the right perspective in seeing what He tells us and placing Faith in what He says He will do.


There are ten (10) words that come from ten passages of Scripture, from Isaiah, Job, Psalms, Matthew and Philippians, which will help us “see” His handiwork as we draw closer to Him.

Challenges | A Final Reach

  1. Answer
  2. Trust
  3. Forgave
  4. Deliverance
  5. Upright
  6. Lead
  7. Runneth
  8. Worship
  9. Confess
  10. Mark

Job said he would Trust Him. David knew the weight of sin and the completeness of Forgiveness.  The prophets of old knew everyone would come to Worship the One and Only True Jehovah God.  Jesus gave us the instructions on how to have communication by the Lord to the Father while were are yet on this Earth. Paul knew what the steps in front of him were FAR more important than what had been done before the point in which he was working toward.  Each one of these words can be used to help every Christian more forward to a closer walk with the Saviour.

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