Multi-Color Kaleidoscope


How we use our words is just as important as what words we speak, sometimes it have been my experience that they carry FAR more weight in the “use” category because of the manner and way they are presented. This first of two “wordle” projects begins with eight (8) phrases that are neatly packaged together to form a sheet of sorts.  The concept was gained from a notebook which had similar “popular” phrases, but had NOTHING to do with Spiritual matters.

We can indeed have a great time in the Lord and be Creative with how we Serve Him, which will be displayed with each phrase made in the corresponding “wordle” diagram which has verses of Scripture referenced with each one that is presented.

Driving Concept | Wordle to the Left

There are two specific “wordle”, or word clouds, in the form of page layouts, that are used in the development of this Series.  This portion of the Series deals with the left side, even though the “overall” print has both “wordles” on it.


MC00 | Multi-Color Kaleidoscope

See The Good In People
Your Future Is Created By What You Do Today
Be Kind
Make Every Moment Count
Seek The Lord For Happiness
Explore His Paths Follow His Trails
Take Only What You Need


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