This Series concept just “popped up” out of nowhere…  In the most “unlikely” of places, the “wordle” grabbed my attention on the cover on a journal, not because it had “bad” things on it, but rather the focus of what was being presented in the “sheet wordle” on the front and back covers.  More people than before have a tendency these days to have items “represent” them and remind them to be “good” people.  Without really taking the time to understand what is behind it, the tendency to be “represented” may be put forth – having NO idea what it really means.

The focus or tendency on self can get us as Christians in a whole HEAP of trouble, even if we don’t utter a single word, because what we could be carrying around is speaking for us.  Do we have a justification or understanding of what we are casually keeping at arms length as to explain to someone who may ask?  That is what gripped me in the rewording and reworking of the “wordle” for both sides of the the journal.

Be Creative

We as Christians need to remember that we are the Temple of the Holy Ghost, 365 days of the year, 7 days a week, 24 hours every day.  That does not mean that we are to be so straight laced that we put off folks, it is possible to be too right < a Series on this already exists…  What is being gotten at is that we have no place to go to be “secular” and be just “spiritual” when we read our Bibles, pray and go to church.  The question then would have to asked, “What if God said Salvation was only good or valid during those times you are being “spiritual” and NO good all the other times in our lives?” Am fairly certain that Jesus had to have laughed and shook His head a few times with Peter around – He is the Spirit.

The “wordle” in sheet form (what it looks like) gave the opportunity to “Be Creative”, which is what the journal had on the bottom or each page.  Notice further tho, that is made to be represented by being “in God’s Will” while doing so.  The “wordle” takes a minute to get one’s bearings straight, but once it is accomplished – you may wind up with the same challenge I’m having… You may wind up wanting to share what has been learned behind that words – from the Bible.


It has been nothing shy of amazing how each piece of the “wordle” came together with tweaks to make it biblical friendly and something that Christians can use to witness to others as they are intrigued by the design.  At first, the multicolored kaleidoscope background was thought to be too engaging for my tastes, but the Holy Spirit challenged me to make it work.  The reward is simply priceless.


There are seventeen (17) Scripture based prints and two (2) “wordle” prints available in this Series.  They are made for individual, standing artwork, but may be combined for a greater affect.

“Wordle” Shorts

Wordle — Left Side
Good People | Future Today | Be Kind | Make Count | Seek Lord
Explore Follow | Take Need | Laugh

Wordle — Right Side
Be Grateful | Keep Promises | Worth Jesus | Laugh Loud | Be Happy
Holy Spirit | Just Breathe | Be Sober | Love God

This Series challenged me both inward and outward, reminding me that Living for Jesus does NOT have to be boring, mundane or a killjoy.  Rather, every Christian has two decisions to make with every moment of their lives – (1) How will this situation/moment affect me internally, as in the Relationship I’ve got with my Saviour and (2) What will be chosen from this situation/moment to be shown to the entire world, because of having Full Faith that our God is bigger than any of our challenges. We can choose to live life with continual purpose, in God’s Will, which will be revealed to us through His Word, the Bible, and through the Holy Spirit, which resides in EVERY Christian.  Each one of the statements in the two “wordle” sheets show us just a few ways we can accomplish that in our daily lives and just might get someone to ask us what they mean.  Let the sharing begin… EVERY word, action, deed, challenge and response are a WITNESS of the Holy Spirit being evident in our lives. Make them count, for Eternity sake…

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