This sixth Background Series is the second for 2009 which comes directly from a small collections of bright, strong and vibrant images snapped of a family members flower beds.  There have been a number of churches who have asked to use them as backgrounds and for bulletin covers.  It is my hope that as you happen upon this site that you will find an image that reminds you of just how magnificent our Creator God really is!

Edwards Family Creswell Yard 2009

This group provides twenty-nine (29) images in 1280×1024 pixel size and can be downloaded for your use.

IMG_X11267_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11269_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11271_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11272_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11273_LvlAc_UM_1280
IMG_X11274_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11281_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_X11287_Lvl_UM_1280 IMG_X11288_Lvl_UM_1280 IMG_X11289_Lvl_UM_1280
IMG_X11290_Lvl_UM_1280 IMG_X11291_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_X11292_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_X11293_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_X11299_LvlAc_UM_1280
IMG_X11301_Lvl_UM_1280 IMG_X11313_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11336_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11337_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11345_LvlAc_UM_1280
IMG_X11359_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11366_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11381_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_X11383_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11401_LvlAc_UM_1280
IMG_X11245_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11249_LvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11252_RcLvlAc_UM_1280 IMG_X11260_RcLvlAc_UM_1280

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