This fifth Background Series is the first for 2009 which comes directly from a small collections of bright, strong and vibrant images snapped of our own flower beds.  There have been a number of churches who have asked to use them as backgrounds and for bulletin covers.  It is my hope that as you happen upon this site that you will find an image that reminds you of just how magnificent our Creator God really is!

Beginning Flower Garden

These four groups provide fifty-seven (57) images in 1280×1024 pixel size and can be downloaded for your use.

IMG_05822_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05823_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05824_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05825_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05826_RcAc_UM_1280
IMG_05827_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05828_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05829_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05830_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05831_Ac_UM_1280
IMG_05833_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05836_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05837_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05838_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05839_Ac_UM_1280
IMG_05841_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05843_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05845_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05846_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05847_Ac_UM_1280
IMG_05849_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05851_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05852_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05853_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05855_Ac_UM_1280
IMG_05856_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05857_RcAc_UM_1280 IMG_05859_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05860_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05861_Ac_UM_1280
IMG_05862_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05864_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05865_RcAc_UM_1280 IMG_05866_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05867_Ac_UM_1280
IMG_05868_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05869_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05871_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05872_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05873_RcAc_UM_1280
IMG_05875_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05876_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05877_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05878_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05879_Ac_UM_1280
IMG_05880_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05882_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05883_RcAcAl_UM_1280 IMG_05884_RcAcAl_UM_1280 IMG_05885_Ac_UM_1280
IMG_05887_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05889_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05890_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05892_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05893_AcAl_UM_1280
IMG_05820_Ac_UM_1280 IMG_05821_Ac_UM_1280

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