Anytime a Special Request comes across my path, am reminded first off of what an honor and privilege it is to be used in such a way to Encourage others – especially when it is an utter surprise to those individuals or group of individuals who are the intended recipients.  This Series has all of those defining pieces, which am certain that will just be the beginning of how the Lord will use it to Encourage others.   Almost cannot stand the wait…


A very special couple who do all kinds of special things, put a feeler out to see if there would be an interest in developing a limited distribution Valentine’s Day card for a group of ladies and gents who would not normally get a “special” delivery because their spouses have passed away.  Anyone that knows me knows – there was an IMMEDIATE YES given on that request and the cogs got to turning just as quickly.  The design would be up to me, the requesters just would like to have pink and/or red in the color scheme, with something engineered toward our more Senior Saints so that this occasion would be eXtra special for them.  The first image put together follows of two vibrant red corsages taken on a brick ledge – the petals of the buds are sprinkled with gold glitter for an extra pop to match the material used for the bows.


The typeface was critical in my mind, as was the use of something like an RCA Victrola in the design, thus those two elements are prominent in each design.  There are eleven (11) total verse of Scripture used across three different formats of image presentations.

Three Sets

  1. Standard Set | Utilization of photos of roses in various colors and one red tulip.
  2. Set One | Design elements to the left, with gradient of red and subtle background elements.
  3. Set Two | Design elements framed in from around the print, utilizing a sharp black to red contrast with gold elements.

Each of the sets are identical in Scripture presented and types of elements used, so the same message is conveyed.


The concept of this Series should be a reminder to each of us that not everyone gets to Valentine’s Day and has a Prince Charming or Beautiful Princess to celebrate the day, shower gifts upon and enjoy the company of… but they once did.  Even in being thoughtful in such a seemingly small way as sending a card, taking by flowers or maybe even just spending some time with them, a whole new world can be discovered about a person that otherwise may never have been recalled.  I’ve found that majority of the time, if not ALL of the time, that doing something like this for someone as a special blessing to them gets multiplied in the other direction in a manner we never could imagine would be – and we are the ones BLESSED beyond measure.

The Eleven Thoughts

  • 01 | Peace and Mercy
  • 02 | Toward All
  • 03 | Above All
  • 04 | Am Persuaded
  • 05 | Good Stewards
  • 06 | Righteousness
  • 07 | Love and Seek
  • 08 | Have and Do
  • 09 | Love and Keep
  • 10 | Cleave to Good
  • 11 | Be Followers

Some of life’s greatest lessons are learned only by listening.  God’s Word is the greatest “Lesson” teacher we have, but we need to remember the next best teachers are those who’ve been down the road, who’ve learned those lessons before us and are willing to share them in a manner most believable.  Because they’ve walked the path that seems to us so far ahead – they have done so… that is the reason they are called Senior Saints – and some of them don’t have anyone to celebrate with, unless we are willing to celebrate with them!  Trust me, they WILL remember and SO WILL WE.

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