We all, in varying ways, like neat and nice looking things especially when they are presented to us as recognition of a job well done.  Many times those recognitions come in the form of diplomas, advanced degrees or maybe even when a project is completed, there are people who will enjoy or benefit from it years on down the road. Each time we see that certificate, diploma, memento or trophy we will be reminded of what it took to get to that point in our lives. Some of those things are indications of difficulties overcome instead of  some great feat being accomplished — nonetheless, they represent a period of time we have experienced.

Now comes the question of the ages, “Do others see in you ‘as it were’ any type of presented signature work?”  Is there a willingness on your part, on my part, to say to the Lord “Without Thy Mind Would I Do Nothing”???  As is known from being in environments with many hundreds to thousands of people in a single room, when they see difficulty being hurled at you, they start paying attention to everything you do.  Will your Christian Walk show through?

This very revealing study spoke to me immediately and has been on my mind for a while now.  One of our Associate Pastors (he knows who he is…) uses the phrase “as it were” every time he preaches.  Intrigued by it, wrote the phrase down, deciding to see how “spiritual” he might be — looked it up to discover the significance.

The discovery led to seeing past, present and future results of “as it were” which set the stage for seeing the first part of the verse in Philemon 1:14 | KJV:

“But without thy mind would I do nothing; that thy benefit should not be as it were of necessity, but willingly.”
Philemon 1:14 | King James Version

Most often we hear about this type of thing in us seeking the Father’s Will by laying down our own will, then asking to be led.  What we do then is the matter of others being able to confirm and strengthen their belief, because of our choosing to follow through with the true trusting of the Leading of a more filled Holy Spirit directed life.



Oh what a difference it would make if each of us would only recognize that the Lord doesn’t have to have us to do His Word, but He sure would be pleased with our being willing to do so openly and freely.  A few folks have gone back to the phrase “do Hid Word” a couple times by now, thinking that it was misspelled.  Look again – it is not misspelled.  His Word is the Guide Post Book, the more we read the Scriptures, the more we begin to be guided by the Word contained within.

Then TRUE walking with the Saviour begins to be a Fellowship Divine!


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