This Series is an odd one indeed… it looks nothing like what it did as work was begun, but yet all the elements and colors remain.  Think about it this way, it is the same type of thing that God the Father enables to be done through us as we have the Holy Spirit living in us.  Our bodies are the just like that – we do not have the opportunity to turn in ours and get another model.  We have the same equipment that we are born with, to use as we as creation of God, matures.

The forthcoming changes became apparent to me only after the Series was completed, with preparation being made for final edits.  Intrigue was a large part of the design, which is a technique used for a large portion of the Series designs used throughout  There are two entirely different set of words, which could be seen as a second element in the passage of Scripture referenced. Both of them are of the highest importance.

Sets of Words

From a distance, it is easy to be captivated by the bottom words of these prints, which just as quickly recognized is the title on each image: “Are You Ready?”  It is when you put the statements together that it makes sense, as in the first one, which would go like this:

Are You Ready? READY! & You?

Each of these sets form phrases from which we have an opportunity to open communication to speak with those around us, how better to do that than God’s Word!  In each passage of Scripture presented, a specific topic is covered and an answer provided for the Christian.  Notice, there are no personal interjections presented, just the Holy Word of God to answer for itself.

8x10 Landscape

Taking some time to look at each of them carefully may provide a reminder of the passage presented, or may even present you and I with something we hadn’t considered before.  In any manner, we will have a few more tools in our arsenal in which to speak with others about our Saviour and serving Him.


There are ten (10) combination ready ties listed for this Series, which are excellent example of how God the Father uses His Word to challenge us to be ever ready for His Son’s imminent return.

Ready Ties

READY • & You?
THE JUST • by Faith
GLORY • In the Lord
SALVATION • Revealed
FLOCK • Feed Them
SAINTS • Fine Linen
PREPARE • Believe!

Each of us need to be asking ourselves that pertinent question, “Are You Ready?” and thinking of those we have influence.  Each of these “ready” verses, ten save one, and the “prepare” verse, will give us the confidence to answer the question and present it to others, if we’ll just take the time to meet with the Lord concerning them.  I’m READY because I Believe! The REASON is because of the Hope I’ve got in Christ. Excellent testimony & witnessing tool if you ask me!!!

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