Ever wonder just where your “place” is?  Just as questions like “Is this your place?” as it refers to where a person might live, every one of us desires to have a place to “belong”.  This WONDERFUL little set of five statements struck me immediately upon seeing them the very first time – which it is my hope they will you also.

It has been some time since the opportunity has been presented to attend a service at Union Chapel FWB Church in Chocowinity, North Carolina.  It is indeed the place where I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour and spent my freshman and sophomore years in High School. A few things have changed since our family lived around the corner from the church, one of them is the Pastor of Union Chapel.

A few years back at a conference in Walkertown, was introduced to a wonderful preacher – that man is Rev. Henry Horne.  Every time he comes to mind, plenty of good memories of our time there and the people we grew to love are recalled.  Two of those people are Bill and Gayle Hill, who attend the same church we do now!  Added to that, the “Intern” Youth Pastor/Director was none other than Rev. Jeff Jones who is the Pastor of Hilltop FWB Church.

Rev. Henry Horne has made these statements, putting to shoe leather so to speak, as an indicator of what they desire for their church to be:

  1. A Place of Worship
  2. A Place of Learning
  3. A Place of Enrichment
  4. A Place of Friendship
  5. A Place of Service

All together they are combined to make up the name of this Series – A Place for You.  Are we actively seeking to help others understand that our local assembly of Born Again Believers is a “Place for” them?  Do we tell others about our SPECIAL PLACE?  Can the person sitting, standing or in the general vicinity of you and I look at your or my hopeful and joyous life, being able to tell that Holy Spirit is in control of you and me?

Do they have that firm invitation that says “A Place for You” is being extended because you are showing forth the Grace of the Living God to them through all that you do?  Have you and I spent enough time in the Word of God to know that same invitation has been extended to us, for the LORD has for us prepared a place for Eternity with Him.  We should be able to say to the Father, I’ve A Place for You – In all that we do, say, go and even think about – absolutely everywhere!

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