Digging into a rich and thick backlog of Series concepts and rough drafts, along with our music director at church singing this song on Sunday night during benediction, this particular one has now been completed.  Every time this song’s verses are seen, the chorus immediately comes to mind, which causes me to sing the verse being seen to be rushed a bit to get back to slowing down for that chorus.  The rest of the hymn/music piece does present a solid description and response to the Word of God, I just happen to like the chorus because it slows down nicely which causes me to think about how GOOD the Lord has been to ME!

The Ancient Words Were Written For Us

The Word of God is an Ancient text, compared to our time “right now”, which contains a Living Word that supplies Life to those who will read it, hear it and be changed by it.  An amazing item about this book for me is the age of the Word – In the beginning… and how relevant that Word is to us today “to the faithful in Christ Jesus.”  The more time marches on, the more of the Bible is proven to be true by the world’s measuring stick, indeed it is the only book which chronicles history in a manner not other writing have achieved.

Some have said, and continue to say, that the Bible is no longer relevant because it is an “Ancient” work – they are missing the vital key to understanding the transforming part of it.  There is a requirement to understanding it, as Ancient as it may be considered, that is deciphering power of the Holy Spirit.  Man can do NO work on the heart, no matter what is said or done, but the Holy Spirit is the agent whereby we can understand, realize our position, trust and believe.

One can read the Bible from cover to cover, but without conviction, there will be no remission AND there will be no understanding without conversion.  The Ancient Words come to life when we know the Author of them and then can become familiar not only the written Word but our communication with our Heavenly Father.  A person could say that the Bible is situational so to speak as it can be driven by where we find ourselves in relation to the Scripture we might read.  The passages read, truths discovered and convictions solidified very well can depend on what is going on with us at that moment in time.  NOTICE – I did NOT say that the Word of God changes – it is US that changes – we either are getting more aligned with Him or less aligned with Him.


Needing The Change

As can be noticed in the Title artifacts “Changing Me and Changing You”, that is EXACTLY what those Ancient Words are capable of doing.  The entire focus of this Series is really meant to cause each one of us to take a look at what influences, changes, entices us to do things in our daily lives.  The more of those Ancient Words that are on the intake and study, the less of the negative worldly enticements have an opportunity to get a lodging place or toe hold in our lives.  It is one of the reasons that we can read a specific passage several times over a period of time and have it apply to different aspects of our lives because of where we are in our Spiritual Walk with the Lord. Amazingly and for so many times, a passage of Scripture can “speak” to me, sometimes in an uplifting manner and others in a scolding manner, doing what we could consider polar opposites of what happened before.  The situation in me/us is what changed, not the Scripture, nor the Author, or the validity of the Word.


There are five areas that are utilized in this Series to convey the meaning of what the Ancient Words of God’s Word should mean to us.  They are indeed changers, they do not change themselves, it is us who conform to them and the image of His dear Son, the Lovely Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World.

Ancient Word Changers

  1. Ancient | Words, Mystery, Together, Substance, Knowing & Throughly
  2. Defining | Definition of Ancient
  3. Evidences | Rewarder, Faithful, Words, Diligent & Beginning
  4. Hymn | To Remind Us w/Four Verses & Chorus
  5. Wisdom | Spiritual, According, Adoption, Redemption & Abounded

There are a number of passages included with this Series and the words of the Hymn of the same name. Will we heed the Ancient Words? They must be read, meditated over and hid in our hearts so we can do that very thing.

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