No one person has everything right, except Jesus Christ Himself.  Each of us have items we struggle with, are shaped by from our pasts and upbringing – not that that is an excuse at all, just a declaration of something that we should realize is a part of our makeup, which influences the way we approach things in our lives.  Those influences impact the lives of those around us and can even alter the impacts on those who we have no idea are being so.  We should so desire to have that impact be a representative one, it is possible that their lives may hang in the balance on an Eternal scale.


Our Impact Is Made By Our Interaction With Others

I’ve read quotes and some excerpts written about a Dutch Christian whose name is Corrie ten Boom (Cornelia), but really did not know of the far reaching impact in which God chose to use her during some very dark times in the history of the world – World War II.  Her family suffered persecution because of her actions, but she definitely didn’t act alone, nor was her family unaware – they all shared her heart for the Jews escaping the Nazi Holocaust during the extended years of war in Europe.

One can tell through the quotes she is most famously recognized as using that her love for the Lord was deep and came from a very well established base from her childhood.  Over her lifetime, she is credited with writing over fifty (50) books.  Some of the quotes are taken from those books for this Series.

Partial Inventory Book List

Amazing Love
A Prisoner and Yet…, 1947
Common Sense
Defeated Enemies
Don’t Wrestle, Just Nestle
Each New Day
He Cares For You
He Cares, He Comforts
He Is More Than Able, 1980
Heros for Young Readers
He Sets the Captive Free
In My Father’s House
I Stand at the Door and Knock
Jesus Is Victor
Just A Taste Of Heaven
Love Come Down, 1976
Marching Orders
Messages of God’s Abundance
Not Good If Detached
Not I, But Christ
Oh, How He Loves You
Plenty for Everyone, 1967
Prison Letters
Reflections of Cod’s Glory
The Hiding Place, 1971
The One Year Book of Personal Prayer
This Day Is the Lord’s, 1979
Tramp for the Lord

The volume of her work is purely astounding and amazing, a life lived helping others escape the horrors of war.  She was a witness of forgiveness that has been un-paralleled in recent history.  It is my hope that the quotes will cause each person who happens upon this site to dig deeper into the Scriptures such that all of us will have a better sense of what our Heavenly Father obviously had instilled by way of the Holy Spirit in Corrie ten Boom.

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