Deliver The Word all began long, long ago… is purely about being an “Encouragement” and delivering it “From God’s Holy Word” to and for positively everyone. It is the on-line portfolio and extension of an insatiable desire to study God’s Word of William A. Turner. It is a place where I post all kinds of work – may be a simple one print piece, specific encouragement developed for a friend, an incredible sermon outline as preached by our Pastor, challenges brought by one our our Pastoral Staff, or a fantastic concept seen elsewhere that needed to be re-engineered to more perfectly apply to God’s Word. Every concept, design, and print developed on this site is available for the purpose of Encouragement.

Themes for Sites

Each Series site has an individual theme which has been located and altered to match the purpose for the material which is displays.  Most of the WordPress themes are free versions offered on-line from various sources.  No two sites will be exactly the same, although a volumed Series will a similar look and feel for continuity.  Each of the sites were developed independent of each other so they would present and maintain an identity of their own as there is a great potential for this site to easily scale into not only hundreds of sites, but well into the thousands.

Series Development

Unless otherwise noted, all Series developments are written by myself. Series creations are made on a regular basis, with the full intent on being a Spirit filled provider to listen to what the Holy Spirit would have me do. In case it hasn’t been noticed, most Series creations are developed rather specifically for an individual or a group of folks.  Every once in a great while a “Commissioned” series is developed which is paid for and rarely makes it on-line in a public manner.

It’s REALLY Free

Everyone is welcome to use the created artwork and developments under Attribution type of Creative Commons licensing model. This means that you can use them however you wish – as long as you keep my credits intact. In cases where a higher resolution image must be downloaded to gain the resolution desired – then a nominal fee (downloading access to that digital file) will be charged to account for recurring fees that are incurred to have those files hosted, which are generally a couple of dollars or so. Should you want to purchase that image on a media, those options are provided for you with a host of items handled through a third party company who handles all of the transaction independent of my involvement.

FYI: Various designs, photography and Series articles have been used in and by churches, missions points and other like minded groups from all over the globe.

About ME

My wife and I have been in photography for over a decade and have been classically trained Zone V and VI photographers.  You just scratched your head and said WHAT? didn’t you?  Classically trained Ansel Adams with the Zone System might have made a little more sense.  When you see a REALLY good looking photograph, 9 times out of 10 it will be hers!  Permission has to be “gotten” to user her artwork – not really, but she does help me much with the choosing…

I’ve been creating magazine layout and editing photos for over 23 years – started when I was just 2…  Have worked for various kinds of groups and companies, much of it freelance, which has provided me with an extremely wide base in which to learn from.  Most of that has been “business graphics” and “commercial color”, with a penchant for sharp contrast, vivid/bold presentation and macro angles.

Switching over to “digital photography” was NOT my idea – it actually was facilitated by my wife – see how that keeps coming up?!  She has an incredible eye for detail and can shoot while even focusing/metering on the fly – it makes me dizzy just watching her.  You’ll find that most of my photography is STILL LIFE – I’m the one moving and in control with the added bonus – THEY CAN NOT GET UP AND MOVE.

When not on the computer, much is enjoyed by spending time with my wife and daughter, being taken up with our critters, taking pictures and woodworking.

Where’s The Benefit and Money?

There isn’t a day goes by that the “benefit” of my Ministry doesn’t bless me immensely – that is the truth…  On purpose we as a family choose to surround ourselves with God’s Word, His Principles and examples of His Love towards us.  What started SO long ago as the “I AM Series” done for our first family Pastor and his wife, had been the starting of something absolutely incredible.  We’ve had the benefit of training in how to “capture” God’s beauty on film and digitally, giving us a channel in which to share it, along with God’s Word itself with everyone that comes in contact with our family.

A select few have asked for commissioned work, which helps offset some of the cost, but even then it is a goal to create an experience overflowing with the attention to detail and presentation – we most often break even with those endeavors.  There are NO regrets in doing so.

Of course, there has to be some thought given to the thousands of dollars per year that goes into providing this type of service to others, which is why we have made the decision to revamp our approach with these thoughts in mind:

  1. Make EVERYTHING available on-line to EVERYONE period
  2. Utilize an On-Line Full Service Provider Able to Handle Volume Ordering
  3. Provide Instant Download Capability of High Resolution Images For Use

This is a 180 degree change from my long practiced business model, but this is not about making money, this is about Ministering to People – the place where we find ourselves is in a world of HURT.  We are here to encourage, not discourage.  We are here to lift up, not tear down.  We are here to show forth the Wonderful Love of Jesus Christ, not hide Him from view.

Contact Me

We’d like to hear from you, please use the Contact Us form to ask me about your own custom series or to suggest one that you may not have seen yet.

Platform For Websites

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