The origination of this Series is based upon a list that began as an ABCs list for teachers to pray for their students, which had been picked up from several different places.  Once the verses were applied and more digging had been done, a much broader view was considered outside of the Christian Day School, which this set seems to have been developed. Twenty-six (26) items which could be directly pointed to in the Word of God that addressed specific areas in our lives to work on to improve, that would allow us to pray for others also – it was an immediate hook for me – one I knew would help every Christian willing to consider looking into them.

Am stopping right before using the word “system” in the mentioning of praying, because there is a danger in anyone praying in a ritualistic manner, but this will help us with a pattern of praying for others – especially children.  These are included in the areas that we pray for our daughter specifically as she is a senior in high school at the time of this writing.  These have been used in specific areas in praying for my B-Sunday School kids, even when we not certain the difficulty, but knew we needed to be faithful to pray in their stead.  The more this list is considered, the more it will most likely become clear that this list is one that applies to more than just kids.

Praying for Others

The prompting for this Series is rather simple and plain really, noticed that Christians sometimes have a difficulty putting into motion and words, what to pray for another individual – especially when they are not a member of their immediate family or a close family friend. Each one of us can face that dilemma at times, which we may also not have immediate Scripture to give us a foundation in which to build from in praying for that individual over time.  These ABCs provide both of those things, words or concepts and passages of Scripture where we can go to get a real sense of how these applied then, as well as apply to right now with ourselves and others.

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Indeed there are twenty-six (26) of them to learn and allow to be included in our prayer time, both as a learning tool for ourselves and as a way to broaden our scope in praying for others. All the while, these are also exposing us to Scripture that we can us in our own lives when we are presented with these ever present situations – for they are indeed timely.  Probably the most eye-opening item for me is the factor that each of these are items that I’ve learned to pray for myself – it gets VERY personal, if only we will let the Holy Spirit teach us before we go to apply it to another individual.


At first the list may seem to be overwhelming… Ask yourself this question thou – “How could twenty-six (26) items to pray about change me so that I might look at others the way God the Father wants me to look at them?”  The answer to that question is found in how one allows the Holy Spirit to change them first…

ABCs of Praying

Attitude, Boldness, Courage, Discernment
Enthusiasm, Friendliness, Generosity, Humility
Initiative, Joyfulness, Knowledge, Listening
Maturity, Neighbors, Overflow, Perseverance
Quiet, Respect, Self-Control, Thankfulness
Understanding, Victory, Wisdom, eXcellence
Youthfulness, Zeal

Each of these “word” and “Scripture” combinations has a story associated with it, much like each “individual” has that we have the opportunity to “pray” for using these words.  Like any captivating conversation, situation or reading material, we each have to be “brought in” in order to keep our attention.  This Series from the initial view may just appear to be another one of those “lists” that someone says we should “take a look at” in consideration of others to “help” us be a better person.  It is MUCH more than just a list, it is a map showing us as Christians how we can specifically become more Christlike, having the opportunity to pray the same for others – because we will then understand what we are “asking” the Lord to help them to do.  This Series is just as much for each of us as it is to help us pray for another someone with a specific need.

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