The stage was being set and the Missionaries had been invited, now all we had to do was prepare… The preparation was more than just showing up for us, we got the heads up so we could begin preparing for them something special – what this entire Website has been established to do. What is that something – preparation to begin and carry through being a Prayer Partner for four families for the next year.  Those families are the following Missionaries:

Phillip Brown & Family | Bozeman, Montana
Samuel Esquivel & Family | Mexico
Brad Henderson & Family | Tanzania
Michael Yoo & Family | Korea

Each of these Missionaries is given a personalized plaque with their Life Verse, Conference of attendance and when they attended.  It is given to them in a “frame-less” frame size of 8×10 as a personal gift from our family.  Then the most critical point of the project is created – this site – where e-mails can be sent to other to remind them to pray, notes of Encouragement can be easily be created to even the Missionaries themselves and all of them can be shared the world over.

It is our hope that this site will begin a communication stream with folks around the world and develop in each of us a heart for Missions just like these have for us. Each of their personalized plaques is presented here for everyone to share these specific families, mission outreach and localized impact for the Cause of Christ. Will we commit to pray for each of them – their needs, their burdens, potential struggles they will face both personally and in the ministry?

Bookmark this page, add it to your favorites – why not make it your Home Page for your Browser so you will remember them each time you start up your Internet! DO SOMETHING!

To each of them – We should each be COMMITTED to being a Christian family of Brothers and Sisters that prays for each of them! — William, Melissa & Courtney

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