Sometimes we are prone to forget that we are upon this planet with seven (7) billion other people — or at least I know that thought has been a challenge for me.  Having the globe placed before us helps remind me that we are yet one small portion of an entire wonderful Earth of things that our Heavenly Father has created, most importantly, people.

Our Heart For Missions

We began many years ago doing something special for our Missionaries that would come each year for World Missions Conference at our home church Beacon Baptist Church.  That first year we made special plaques for each one that had a Old World Map as the background, along with the country they would be, or were serving, with their names and life verse.  We’ve done it each year since.  The design has changed somewhat because we had a Missionary come twice – what to do when they were going to get TWO just alike!!! Adapted the design so it is different each year.  This year we had all new Missionary families.

The message is simple – we focus on them and we make a promise to them – we have a set and they have their individual prints.  We put them up in our home to remind us to pray for them daily and another set hangs in my office.  Each one in some manner or other shares with us Thank You and how much it means to them for someone to give them something – which is not connected with the church in any manner except getting information – which is so personalized.  We’ve had Missionaries become utterly speechless, holding the print in their hands, barely being able to utter anything – for which we find out later that they were looking for an affirmation/confirmation because of a struggle or situation.  We’ve also had Missionaries be so overjoyed that they seem to tell everyone for a LONG time of a family at the Missions Conference give them this personalized print!  Nearly everyone of them put the prints right on their display tables and are pretty protective of them.

Our Purpose

Simple really – to remind us of our Missionaries all over the world, who are far from home and are of need of our prayer!  Learn a little about them and TELL SOMEONE ELSE ABOUT THEM!!!

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